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18ct Yellow Gold Eternity Rings

Buy eternity rings made of 18 carat yellow gold in store FJewellery

Trying to figure out which accessory will suit you best? If you would like to stay on the safe side, it is reasonable to stick to universal solutions. But in this case, it is necessary to fight back superstitions against them. 18ct yellow gold eternity ring would become a perfect sample. F Jewellery is absolutely convinced — this jewellery piece is designed for everyone. Stay tuned to check it out!

Eternity Rings for Him and for Her

The very first thing that helps these bands to stand out among other similar goods is their versatility and compatibility. Although the design is known for adding a gorgeous feminine look to fashionistas’ images, that doesn’t eliminate its potential in the role of a male rings decoration for hands. ll you need to do is to make sure the design you are going to order is style-appropriate.

Of course, the main difference between bands for men and for women isn’t their size or cheap/expensive price even. The cost to spend depends on the amount of craftsmanship involved, as well as the quantity and quality of materials applied. However, the overall design is to insert gemstones all or half the way around the ring circumference. To preserve the layout’s crucial peculiarities and create a gender-oriented impression, designers usually go for the following simple tricks:

  • 18k yellow gold eternity rings can be composed of the same elements, but their dimensions will be different. We don’t mean the actual ring size in this case. Male options are likely to be wider and thicker than female alternatives.
  • If creators would like to add a more male vibe to the accessories, they don’t have to reduce the number of gemstones. First of all, it is a nice idea to choose interesting crystals. For instance, diamonds are present in a wide range of colours. While you can keep models with transparent gems for your lady, seeking black stones will suit your gentleman. Secondly, they can pick up a corresponding diamond cut of its large assortment (but we will discuss this option a bit later in more detail).

Moreover, using the benefits of other accessories will help you contribute to the visual quality of 18 carat yellow gold eternity rings. The latter are known for their durability and excellent resistance to the negative impact of interactions with the surrounding environment.

Full eternity rings for him will be appealing in the combination with rings horse shoe layouts or solid chains domed curbs. Picking up pendants zodiac sign samples will help you stay versatile and prepare a suitable gift for anyone, regardless of their age, gender, and occupation.

Our Catalogue for Cut Diamond Versions

Another method to influence the way final designs will look is the choice of gemstones’ forms. Round, cushion and emerald cut diamonds are the most frequent opportunities for customers. Depending on the form preferred, it is possible to either add more elegance or a sense of brutal and serious energy just in the twinkle of an eye. As you can guess, heart shape diamonds won’t be the very soulmate solution for men. Look for other examples on our website — the collection of divergent styles is impressive.

All in all, eternity rings made of 18ct yellow gold are truly versatile and universal. Whenever you are going to prepare a gift for a special occasion for your beloved ones, this option will turn out to be a beautiful and stunning complement to remember and treasure for ages. Don’t hesitate to check the F Jewellery deals for sale to get even more advantages out of the offer.

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