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9ct Gold Eternity Rings

Buy Eternity rings made of 9 carat gold in store FJewellery

The ring is the most common and varied piece of jewellery in terms of design. There are many varieties, some with a symbolic meaning, such as engagement rings and 9ct gold eternity rings. Browse the F jewellery catalogue to find the right model for you.


Infinity gold rings are an important trend among fashion accessories. It has been popular for quite some time. Besides, there is no reason to believe that the frenzied success of the “eternity” ring is about to fade away. This amazing piece of jewellery has too rich a symbolism and too attractive an appearance.

The largest group is gold jewellery. Gold alloys of various qualities and colours are used to create them. The most interesting models are those in which white and red or white and yellow gold are combined. The jewellery without inserts has a smooth stem - usually an engagement ring - or features diamond chamfering, engraving or openwork filigree.

Models with diamonds and other precious or gemstones are in the highest demand. In addition to this, we also offer original rings decorated with enamel, glass, mother-of-pearl and synthetic inlays.

The design of the jewellery for sale uses modern technology, such as rhodium plating; the precious metal is given an extra sparkle. In the catalogue of our online shop you can choose wide or narrow rings with floral or plant motifs, cocktail jewellery with a sophisticated, eye-catching design, or laconic models.


The 9 carat gold eternity ring is usually an exquisite and neat piece. It is moderately laconic, not striking. And this is its main attraction. The inverted figure eight represents a celebration of flowing lines and an eternal return to that which has neither beginning nor end.

For everyone, full eternity symbolises something different. It may be the endless pursuit of perfection, endless love or endless power. The important thing is that the process of discovering eternity itself is fascinating. Therefore, the pretentiousness and massiveness in the design of such rings will be perceived as something superfluous, excessive. Moreover, jewellers tend to follow this unwritten law and create rather simple but always original and extremely attractive gold infinity rings.

And the owners confirm that they perceive these products not only as jewellery, but also as a kind of mystical symbol, an amulet. You can buy them or domed curb chains in the F jewellery shop's assortment at an affordable cost.

Who should I give it to?

The ring to order has served as a symbol of eternity since the time of our ancient ancestors. Consequently, if an additional 'infinity' sign is added to it, the symbolism is doubled. These rings are most often bought as a gift to:

  • Philosophical natures, inclined to constant reflections on the nature of the world and man;
  • Couples in love seeking to declare to the world about the eternity of their feelings;
  • Original and creative people who are in perpetual search;
  • Romantic young girls who appreciate laconic jewellery with meaning;
  • Confident ladies who understand fashion trends and keep up with them.

Jewellery price depends on many factors. Firstly, it concerns the gold specimen and style of the jewellery. In addition, inserts of precious or semi-precious stones increase the value of the product. You can buy a 9ct eternity ring made of different types of gold or a mix. All these activities have a direct impact on the cost of the jewellery.

How to choose “your” ring

The cheap eternity gold ring or stud earrings are not a standard accessory. Jewellers the world over are trying to bring their individuality, their imagination and their understanding of the concept of eternity into this jewellery. The range is therefore as wide as possible. The main thing is to choose the location for the symbol. Here, of course, there are only two options.

  • Horizontal. This is the most popular option, judging by the many images of the corresponding rings on women's hands. Perhaps because of too many, this composition seems harmonious.
  • Vertical. This model visually stretches the fingers, which is important for chubby hands. However, note: if the circles have different diameters, this asymmetry can work against you. Try to get a ring with equal halves.

When choosing a beautiful 9ct gold eternity ring with different circles or size, it is believed that how it is worn is important:

  • The option with more detail on the top is considered a favourable method since it awakens virtue in you;
  • If you focus more on yourself, you risk encouraging selfishness.

It goes without saying that if the halves are arranged horizontally, this question is unnecessary (maybe that's why the horizontal ring is more popular). However, judging what helps in everyday affairs, selfishness and determination or virtue, is a philosophical question, and the answer is up to you alone.

The F jewellery shop, one of the largest online retailers, offers you the choice of a ring or zodiac sign pendants from a wide range of options.

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