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9ct White Gold Eternity Rings

Buy eternity rings made of 9 carat yellow gold  in store FJewellery

In recent years, 9ct white gold eternity rings have gained popularity in jewellery thanks to their unusual colour and incredible lustre and have even overshadowed pieces made of other metals. Stylish, noble and unique - these are the qualities that define each piece of white gold jewellery. F jewellery has a lot to offer.

The price depends on the sample, because the word 'sample' hides the amount of gold and other precious metals from which the alloy is made.
Jewellery in this kind of gold with domed curb chains, with a nickel or silver admixture in the alloy, has a cheap cost, but the price with the addition of platinum and palladium will be higher.

The most important feature of 9ct white gold eternity ring is that it is suitable for both men and women of all ages and statuses.

Which ring to choose as a gift?

White gold rings are universal jewellery that will fit perfectly into any image, style and suit both men and women. It would make a great gift for your friends and family.

Rings in the form of a crown to order and zodiac sign pendant have gained popularity. They look graceful and elegant. The crown type is the perfect gift for your girlfriend, mother or daughter. It can easily convey your sincere feelings of respect and love.

A classic piece of jewellery called the “9 carat white gold eternity ring” features a track of diamonds or other gemstones completely encircling the finger. It gets its name from the infinitely looped inserts. Women wear it but men also wear it as a wedding ring.

Women's rings for sale with flowers or animals are also popular. Such a gift will show your affection and warmth.

Religious ones will appeal to both men and women and will be appropriate as a gift for any occasion.

Men like rings with a brutal design. The history is very old because they served as decoration for dignitaries and nobles. Therefore, this kind of gift will be appreciated by any man. Moreover, among the men's range there are models with the head of an animal; it can be a lion, a jaguar, a dragon or a wolf. This kind of jewellery will make a great gift for her. You can find them in F jewellery store.

How to distinguish the original from the fake?

White gold is difficult to distinguish from silver jewellery externally. Therefore, if in doubt about the pattern shown on the tag, you should apply existing techniques to help distinguish a fake:

  • Visual inspection. The item must have a purity of 750 proof, which will indicate that it is white gold in an alloy. If the jewelry contains 925 silver - here is a silver accessory. Plus it has a warmer tone and shines brighter;
  • The density of the product. A noble metal piece is denser than a silver piece, but this can be difficult to verify on the spot without expert knowledge. The surface of such a product is less scratch-resistant and remains smooth and shiny;
  • Interaction with alkalis. White gold, unlike fakes, does not react to the effects of alkalis and acids. The authenticity can be tested with vinegar by simply dipping the product in it. If it is made of right material, nothing will happen to it. In the case of a fake, the metal will turn black and lose its visual properties.

You can buy a ring in the F jewellery assortment, which features a wide selection of original and beautiful models is presented, as well as horseshoe rings. The catalogue features quality photos of all the jewellery to help you choose the right piece of noble metal and order it as a gift for yourself or your loved ones.

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