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Gold Cluster Rings Diamond

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Ever since mankind learned how to mine precious stones. Diamond is the most expensive and hardest, and therefore the most durable among other stones. Nowadays, gold diamond cluster ring is still in vogue, and no man would refuse to have a jewellery accessory with it. There are plenty of options for you at F jewellery store.

There is a great variety of rings with faceted diamonds. These are unusual jewellery in the form of crowns, classic models, and made in an avant-garde style. They are as varied as the characters of their owners.

A diamond cluster ring is a luxurious gift for her on an important event in her life. Whether it's an engagement, an upcoming wedding or an anniversary, it doesn't matter at all when a coveted diamond adorns her hand. They are bought by women and men; the jewellery can be fragile, airy or massive and stand out from the rest of the accessories. All this makes diamond rings a versatile, precious piece of jewellery, as mariner bracelets.

What are diamond rings?

Depending on the occasion, jewellery is divided into several models:
A wedding gold ring with diamond cluster is the most popular option for purchase. They are often performed in pairs; they are smooth, with a flat setting of a small stone. Yellow, red or white gold is used.

An engagement ring - there is a wide range of feminine models. Airy thin lines are allowed - a creative approach with a non-standard shape and massive diamond edging.

Classic women's beautiful rings - unlimited combinations of shapes, combinations of different stones. The diamond can be white, yellow, pink, black or brandy.

Signets are traditional male jewellery, emphasizing success and status. It is allowed to be worn on any finger - massive size with an increased width of the shank, so as not to get lost on a strong hand.

The shape of the cut can be selected in the filter on the left. The location of the stone in the rim affects the image created by the jewellery:

  1. Round is the standard finish with strict lines and design.
  2. The oval is a more elongated version of the circle cut.
  3. A baguette is a stepped cut in the shape of a rectangle or trapezoid.
  4. Cushion - when cut in the shape of a rectangle, the width and length of the stone are equal.
  5. Princess is a cushion silhouette with slightly pointed corners.
  6. Marquis - the diamond is shaped like a boat or a cat's eye pupil. Relevant for owners of long and thin fingers.

How to choose the right diamond ring

A diamond ring on the finger shows good taste, wealth and gives any outfit a finished and presentable look. Despite the high price, this jewellery and crosses with gemstones are consistently in demand in our F jewellery store.

When choosing this type of jewelry with a precious stone, you should consider its important features:

  • Shape and cut.
  • Weight and size.
  • Colour.
  • Purity.
  • Availability of certification.

By weight, diamonds are divided into three groups:

  1. Small - stones up to 0.3 carats;
  2. Medium - stones up to 1 carat;
  3. Large - stones over 1 carat.

The main criterion for this parameter is to choose a model in which the stone will look harmonious in its frame.

As you know, a diamond is the result of a gem-cut diamond. Such processing of a natural mineral allows you to reveal the true beauty of the stone, which sparkles with multicoloured shimmers after cutting.

Even the ancient masters understood that a stone with more facets has a more attractive appearance. The 57-sided round shape that most diamond rings have is considered perfect. It is also considered very expensive, as it requires a lot of material to produce. However, many jewellers are now moving away from the classic parameters and creating new and unique shapes.

The rarest and most exclusive gemstones to order have no visible flaws; therefore they are referred to as the elite group of «pure diamonds». Statistically, such stones are rare among the millions of cut diamonds.

The rest of the stones for sale may have been affected by natural forces even before they were cut, but this only confirms their involvement in the historical processes. In addition, most of the defects are invisible not only to the human eye but also under a magnifying glass.

That is why in the catalogue of our F jewellery store, you can buy a cluster diamond ring gold and spiga chains of any shape: cheap pear-shaped, rectangular, heart-shaped, teardrop-shaped, oval, etc. As well as cuts of completely non-standard shapes that are distinguished by exclusivity and small print runs. We are sure that everyone will find something to their liking if they follow the updates of the assortment.

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