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Gold Eternity Rings Diamond

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A beautiful ring in the form of an eternity sign beckons with its smooth and soft curves and immediately attracts attention. This jewellery is suitable for people with a rich and interesting inner world, who are optimistic and never give up. According to ancient beliefs of our Slavic ancestors, the sign has great power, helps the bearer of such an amulet to achieve perfection and realize the most daring, and sometimes even fantastic goals. In the F jewellery shop, you will find diamond eternity ring gold of various designs.

The origin of the eternity sign

The inverted figure of eight is found not only in mathematical equations. Its image is embellished by accessories, clothing and, more recently, jewelry. It is believed that the author of this beautiful and mysterious sign is Mr. John Wallis, a scientist from England who discovered the eternity sign in 1655.

There is also an older version of the origin of the mysterious symbol. The inverted figure eight represents a snake that bites its tail. The ancient tribes of the Aztecs and Mayans adorned themselves and household objects with such symbols.

Nowadays, gold and diamond eternity rings, as well as clover pendants, are romantic and beautiful gifts. A man giving such a gift to his beloved speaks of eternal love and strong feelings. F jewellery catalogue will help you choose the right one at an affordable cost.


An eternity style ring to order is a different-carat jewellery piece with a deep and sacred meaning:

  • For hearts in love, it signifies boundless, eternal love, tenderness and fervent ardour;
  • For the self-discovery-seeking mind, a gold ring with the inverted figure of eight symbolises the limitlessness of human possibilities and the absence of boundaries;
  • For her who loves originality, a ring with an eternity symbol will be a successful demonstration of creative originality$
  • A graceful ring with the symbol can be used as an engagement ring since the halves of the figure of eight represent masculinity and femininity. When they merge, they form harmony and symbolise the union of two destinies.

The types

Despite the simplicity and brevity of the eternal symbol, its flowing lines and graceful curves inspire jewellers to play up the theme of this enigmatic sign in different ways. Jewellers use different techniques to create models for sale or domed curb chains, resulting in original and interesting solutions:

  • The "figure eight" is made matt or glossy, graceful or voluminous;
  • The symbol is often complemented by romantic decorative elements such as hearts;
  • The inlay is set with cubic zirconia or beautifully cut diamonds;
  • A one-piece can contain two figure-eights: a smooth one and a stone-embellished one.

The classic option is the eternity ring with cubic zirconia. The cold radiance of the exquisite stones brings the jewellery to life, attracts attention and accentuates the soft lines of the symbol. This jewellery goes well with other gold items. It complements the casual look; works well with a luxurious evening dress and enlivens the austere nature of the business look. An elegant ring or stud earrings will catch a man's eye, hinting at a woman's refined aesthetic taste.

F jewellery assortment offers to buy different models of gold eternity rings with diamonds in different sizes. Choose from a cheap and elegant ring, a mid-priced piece or a luxurious Diamond Eternity ring. The products have a unique, modern design, high quality, and attractive prices. To complete your jewellery purchase, fill in the order fields on our website and wait for a call from the shop manager. Once details of delivery and payment have been clarified, the order will be shipped to any city.

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