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Gold Eternity Rings

Buy Eternity rings made of gold in store FJewellery

There is an absolute synonym for everlasting love in the jewellery market — gold eternity rings. However, that doesn’t mean this design will work for married or dating couples only. F Jewellery experts can definitely assure interested parties that such layouts are soulmates when it comes to signifying feelings people experience in friendship, in relations with others. It is a nice idea to capture the most precious memory within this never-ending ring. Just check it out!

Eternity Rings Story

Usually, customers get acquainted with the concept of eternity bands once they start looking for engagement rings. But, as we have already mentioned, their unique style and impressive appearance are worth highlighting other important dates and life moments as well. They are a sign of your relationship milestone or visible contribution to your efforts in carrier building. Besides, such gifts are prepared to celebrate the birth of a child. For any occasion chosen, this attention in the visual form of a stunning accessory will be certainly cherished for years.

The first rings of the kind date back to the Ancient Egyptian epoch, but a lot have modified since then. Traditionally, such a band is a metal string decorated with a row of gemstones. When the overall price doesn’t really matter for end customers, the most luxurious combination is platinum and diamonds. Other layouts turn out to be more cost-efficient, especially when items for sale are found (just check the corresponding deals at the F Jewellery online shop — their images aren’t worse than full-priced alternatives).

Popular Designs of Eternity Gold Rings

Modern models don’t have to include infinity sing to be called eternal. Although this element may be implemented in the design to place the right accents and increase the object’s visual value, simplicity and modesty can still be caught in eternity rings. The size of gemstones is rather small, but their quantity forms the overall impression. While thin and delicate forms will work for womens, thicker and wider pieces of metals (still accompanied with diamonds, for example) are going to be perfect for men.

Eternity rings gold edition presented in our virtual catalogue is divided into two major subgroups:

  • Full eternity rings — focusing on items present at a cheap price isn’t a barrier to get such a layout. As you can guess, gemstones are set around the entire band in this case. Its luxuriousness and brilliance aren’t under debate. If you are looking for shine and glitter, it will look impressive from literally any angle. In turn, designers follow their own approaches in styling these bands. This usually related to the number of full rows. When a ring has one row of diamonds (that is a standard choice), it is a perfect match to be worn between your engagement and wedding bands.
  • Half eternity bands — our assortment can boast of having exclusive samples from reputable UK suppliers. As the name encryption suggests, the number of gemstones is reduced by two times so that the halfway around the ring is decorated with inserted diamonds or other crystals that are close to your liking and tastes.

Since the diamond cuts can be absolutely varied, it is an interesting idea to implement more unexpected accessory combinations in your outfits. Let’s be more precise. For those customers who like geometric patterns, why not wear eternity rings along with earrings fancy samples and pendants oval pieces? Those options don’t have to be encrusted with gemstones — just choose the same or matching metals. For men, bracelets Celtic designs are recommended to take into account.

Which Metal Type for Eternity Bands?

There are several metals to order from. Apart from precious materials like platinum, silver, gold, customers tend to give their preference to non-traditional formats as well. However, gold is still ranked first in terms of the balance between quality, durability, affordability for end users, and value in the market over time. Anyway, gold is capable of creating a bold statement whatever the purpose of the purchase is. Regardless of your reason to buy eternity rings gold, items made of this material will benefit you for sure:

  • While yellow gold means sticking to classic solutions more and preferring a vibe of nobility and royalty in the accessory wardrobe, white and rose alternatives are trendsetters in the modern market.
  • Since gold is available in different colours, it is as simple as ABC to pick up the right shade that complements your skin tone most. Meanwhile, all the advantages gold can offer (like resistance to scratches and corrosion) will be at your disposal, no matter which choice you will make.

All in all, eternity rings are masters to combine contrasts. Thanks to the appliance of durable components, designers can prepare gentle and beautiful layouts that are solid and fine at the same time. Whenever you want to discuss some questions or blank spots in your knowledge about this deal, F Jewellery representatives are always accessible.

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