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Gold Horse Shoe Rings

Buy horseshoe rings made of gold in store FJewellery

A horseshoe brings good fortune and protects against the encroachment of evil spirits. This belief is known to everyone. But not everyone is ready to carry a real horseshoe or at least nail it to the front door. The FJewellery online shop offers gold horseshoe rings, which can be a worthy alternative to an iron horseshoe.

Horseshoe ring: jewellery or amulet

The belief that a horseshoe brings good fortune has its roots in Ancient Egypt. The horses in Pharaoh's chariot were shod with golden horseshoes. They got lost. And finding one was true happiness. Over time, the belief spread to other countries.

Horses themselves were revered in many countries. Amulets were often made in the shape of a horse's head. Like horseshoes, they were seen as a symbol of protection against evil forces, carriers of good energy, and promises of good luck and prosperity. A horseshoe lost by a horse was carefully kept or hung over the front door as a protective talisman.

Modern transport has forced horses off the roads. Today, even seeing a horse is considered good luck for a city dweller. But the belief in a horseshoe amulet has been passed down from generation to generation. And, if there is no way to find a real horseshoe, the amulet can be:

If you believe in its magical power, it is sure to bring good luck. It will also help create a stylish look. The jewellery can be made of different types of gold, inlaid with stones or without them. Its aesthetic qualities and value, rather than the magical properties of the talisman, depend on it.

Where to buy a horseshoe ring

Today, you don't have to waste time going to the jewellery shop to choose the right model. It can be found in the catalogue by looking at images and calling to order delivery. This way of shopping is very convenient and doesn't take much time.

In the FJewellery online shop, you can buy a gold ring in the shape of a horseshoe. The piece is designed in the style of a signet ring with a horse's head and a horseshoe. The cubic zirconia simulates the nails used to nail the horseshoe to the hoof. The ring is made of 9-carat gold, so it is sufficiently durable and can be used for everyday wear. For those who believe in the protective power of jewellery amulets, the shop's assortment offers bracelets evil eye and other jewellery for her and for him.

You can buy them at quite affordable prices. If you can't find a ring in the size or design you want, you can order one. You can also buy Celtic crosses, earrings, chains in various weaving styles and much more. A talisman given with love is said to have double power. Give jewellery charms to your loved ones, wish them happiness and good luck, and everything is bound to come true.