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14ct Gold Rings for Men

Buy mens rings made of 14 carat gold cheap in store FJewellery

Mens 14kt gold rings aren't just a beautiful accessory, but an indicator of status and a stylish accent to the whole look. In sale in the online store Fjewellery is the most complete assortment of such decorations and the most affordable price for them. We also have various discounts and bonuses for both new and regular customers - the benefits are obvious!

How to find the perfect ring for him?

If you want to please your beloved man and cannot think of a gift in any way, then a stylish accessory made of 14 carat gold is the most ideal option! Who said that only men should give rings? But, before you buy, you need to carefully study all the available models, and the general preferences of your boyfriend, in order to make the right choice for sure. And it's imperative to clarify the required size in advance, so as not to get into an awkward situation later.

So, there are several types of 14 karat gold mens rings:

  1. wedding,
  2. with an insert of one large gem or several smaller ones,
  3. signet ring,
  4. with religious symbols,
  5. unique designer jewellery.

Each of these styles has its own particular qualities and unique characteristics and is well worth exploring.

1. Bridal rings are chosen together and most often they are the same or very similar.

Mens 14kt gold rings

2. Accessories with gemstones inserts look especially luxurious and attracted everyone's attention. As a rule, men prefer larger precious stones in restrained colours in the classic 14 ct aurum. Male stones are:

3. Signet rings are usually quite large and look very massive on a man's finger. They also often have inserts, but rather small precious crystals are used so that the decoration doesn't look too pretentious. The cost of such accessories is quite high, but there are also cheaper, but no less beautiful analog - silver signet. Such decorations look very solid and self-sufficient - they can be the only accent in a man's image.

4. Rings decorated with religious symbols are of great value to their owner - many gents put a certain, sacred meaning in them. Most often, other similar ones are worn along with such jewellery, for example, a chains box link and on them crosses russian or crucifix. Such a set in 14 kt gold will be the perfect gift for a believer.

5. The latter option has certain advantages, because these products have their own unique design and are made to order - no one else in the world will have exactly the same one. But the price of such a decoration will also be high. As a compromise, you can consider pre-owned jewellery, because among them, you can also find very unusual models.

14k gold mens ring is a great way to show your loved one your sincere feelings and present an accessory that he will really wear. Take a look at the catalogue on the Fjewellery website, and you are sure to find something unique and luxurious for your boyfriend. Make gifts with pleasure, and we'll help you with this!

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