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Mens Gold Initial Rings

Buy mens initial rings made of gold cheap in online store FJewellery

We know that men are just as concerned about the flawlessness of their image as women. The right accessory can add personality to your look. A ring with initials could be one of them. The Fjewellery offers to buy mens gold rings with initials. Here you can choose a ready-made product or place an order for a custom-made one.

What is special about initial rings?

It is now difficult to say who first came up with the idea of creating a ring with initials embedded in the design. Initial signet rings came much earlier. They were used to leave an imprint when sealing a letter. They were quite common in the 17th century. Gradually, rings lost their practical value and became ordinary jewellery. And initials began to be used by jewellers as a designs element in various jewellery, including rings for him.

This mens gold ring with initials is a great accessory for creating a stylish look in a variety of styles. They have features such as:

  • The products can be made without a gemstone. This ensures their affordable cost.
  • Initials are used as a decorative element that can be designed in different styles. They can be the initials of the ring-wearer, his girlfriend, favourite band, an idol, an educational institution or a group of people, etc.
  • Models with initials go well with other gold items (bracelets gate, cross, etc.).

The rings are made of different types of gold. 9K gold is perfect for everyday style. This relatively cheap alloy has a fairly high content of other metals, which gives it hardness and durability. This gold is used to make borders for chains curb and other jewellery for men. They all harmonise with the ring.

Buy rings in the online shop

Everyone values ​​their time. And buying jewellery online is a great way to gift or complete your look. Fjewellery offers mens gold initial ring and other beautiful jewellery for modern men. You can choose the model by looking at the images in the catalogue. If you can't find the size or initials you want in the assortment, you can order them. Your order will be made in the jewellery workshop. At the same time, prices for jewellery are quite reasonable here.Crosses crucifix and other jewellery for a stylish masculine look are also on sale.

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