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Tri Color Gold Puzzle Rings

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If you are tired of gorgeous rings with gemstones and want to get something not less fabulous but made of gold, FJewellery is glad to introduce you to the option of a tri gold puzzle ring. The contrast between different metal tones creates a special effect of shining and makes the design especially attention-grabbing. It is a good compromise between minimalism and maximalism in jewellery pieces. Just check it out!

What You Should Know about Puzzle Rings

In plain English, a standard puzzle ring is an all-in-one accessory, which consists of several interlinked pieces. Literally, it can be associated with putting thin bands on your finger one on another. The difference is that their front design is interconnected to create a united picture. Just take a look at images presented at our online store to see how unique such layouts are.

What is more important, these accessories are a sample of universal solutions. They will work for gents and for ladies. The models for her are more delicate and shining, while the pieces for him differentiates with plenty and the absence of decoration elements. For instance, designs for women can include floral patterns, which is unnatural for male jewellery.

The only difficulty in picking up the right tri color gold puzzle ring is its size. Taking into account its complex structure, this option won’t be resized. If you hesitate which style to buy, feel free to contact our support team to consult.

Tri gold puzzle ring

How to Wear Gold Puzzle Rings

When it comes to durability, gold bands for her are one of the best solutions. Depending on the carat quality you are interested in, it is as simple as ABC to take control over such parameters as the model’s quality and cost. Multi colour gold designs are luxurious and contribute greatly to the brilliance of gemstones, if they are present in the designs.

All that is left to do is to choose the finger to wear your dream design on and additional pieces to put the right emphasis. Here are some samples for your consideration:

  • Rings masonic — this option will suit the cases when personalization is important.
  • Bracelets spectacle — it is a good idea to order matching designs in different jewellery categories online. The assortment is divergent, and the price ranges offer enough affordability and accessibility.
  • Chains trace — the catalogue also features a lot of unique designs, and mixing them will result in a powerful visual effect.

All in all, three gold puzzle ring are captivating and allow gold to be the main and independent hero. Whether it consists of rings of the same kind or the style is contrast (for instance, elements are made of rose and yellow gold), customers are guaranteed to achieve a qualitative and beautiful piece. At FJewellery, options for sale will only complement the decision-making.

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