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Gold Single Stone Rings

Buy single stone rings made of gold in store FJewellery

A gold ring is more than just an elegant accessory. It can accentuate style and mood, complement an outfit and be a reminder of an important event. It looks especially beautiful on a woman's hand. Gold rings are always in trend. Even the simplest pieces without stones look stylish and noble. But women are especially attracted to rings with precious stones. A classic choice is single stone gold rings. This is the best gift for your sweetheart on any holiday. The FJewellery online shop offers exquisite rings with precious stones.

How to choose a ring

A ring is more than just a beautiful piece of jewellery. It is commonly given at declarations of love and marriage proposals. Its shape is a symbol of infinity and a special bond between people. Many women use the ring as a talisman or amulet. Sometimes they just buy it to complete the look and feel of a celebration.

In each case, special attention is paid to the choice of gemstone:

  • When matching jewellery to a particular evening dress, choose a stone that matches the warmth or coolness of the dress.
  • Often girls choose a ring with a stone to match the colour of their eyes. This is a universal approach. This ring can be combined with almost any look.
  • Choosing a horoscope stone is ideal for those who believe in the magical power of gemstones and are buying a ring as a talisman.
  • If you're buying a ring as a gift and you're unsure of your choice, there's a versatile option - a diamond ring. The transparent stone in gold impresses with its amazing play of light, which scatters inside the crystal into thousands of sparks. It can also be effectively combined with different styles and other jewellery.
  • A single stone ring gold is often given as a gift for an engagement. In this case, the ideal choice is with a diamond, which symbolizes purity and depth of feeling. The exception is when the girl prefers a different stone.

Gold single stone rings can be made from different types of gold (white, yellow, pink). When choosing a piece of jewellery, pay attention to the fineness of gold. It is important to bear in mind that an alloy with a high gold content looks more presentable, but it is also softer. The more impurities in an alloy, the stronger it is. It is, therefore, better to stick to the golden mean. This feature should be considered when choosing other jewellery, such as crosses Celtic, etc.

The thickness of the ring is also an important selection criterion. For a girl, choose a thin ring with a small, neat stone. For the older lady, a model with a big stone is more appropriate.

1 stone gold ring

A vintage gold ring one stone is very popular today. The designs uses different cuts of stones to give them a distinctive sparkle. These rings can be found in jewellery shops or made to order.

How to buy 1 stone gold ring without leaving your home

Today, many shops offer jewellery sales on the internet. It is profitable and convenient. You can choose your jewellery from images in the company catalogue. The cost of jewellery in online shops is somewhat lower than in jewellery shops. However, many of them offer high-quality products and services.

The FJewellery online shop also offers these and other services. The assortment of the shop includes stylish men's jewellery and spectacular products for her, including all sizes of single stone rings. You can buy modern or vintage style rings from us. The latter has been professionally cleaned and look flawless. Moreover, their price is quite affordable. There are also many other pieces of gold jewellery in sale, with or without stones (horseshoe pendants, earrings, chains, crosses, etc.) and silver (evil eye bracelets, necklaces, etc.). Each piece of jewellery can be purchased individually or as a set to create a harmonious jewellery ensemble.

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