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White Gold Eternity Rings Diamond

Buy white gold eternity rings with diamond in store FJewellery

Eternity ring diamond white gold is reasonably priced so many people will find them affordable. Yellow gold and platinum rings tend to be more expensive. The attractive appearance of these striking jewellery pieces makes them very popular. Today many young couples choose white gold rings for their weddings and engagements. They are very stylish and go well with many outfits, whether they are wearing a casual or formal look. In the F jewellery store, you will find a great variety of options.

Diamonds “love” white gold

White gold and diamond eternity rings or horseshoe pendants have several advantages. They have a diamond in a more attractive setting than traditional yellow gold. Gold has no effect on the cut or clarity of the diamond. The diamond to order looks amazing in any gold. You will worry less about damage and the ring will need less care.

However, the white colour may start to change to a yellowish-green colour when worn daily for a long period of time. In this case, you should have the ring polished by a jeweller.

There are many different types and styles of these stunning pieces of jewellery, containing beautiful gemstones such as diamonds. Regardless of the special occasion, this jewellery can be worn as an accessory to a fashionable outfit. The white gold ring will remain the leader among engagement rings.

What model to choose as a gift

When buying a cheap ring or celtic crosses in white gold from the F jewellery catalogue, consider the age and preferences of the future owner of the product. Pay special attention to the event for which you are presenting the jewellery:

  • Wedding - choose classic engagement pieces set with a small diamond;
  • Anniversary - models with a large insert surrounded by a scattering of small stones are the right choice for a woman. The original small piece, with a floral arrangement, is for a girl;
  • Birthday - look for medium-sized jewellery with a single pearl or multiple coloured inlays of smoky quartz or ruby;
  • Valentine's Day - give your beloved a small ring with a small ring with a heart or flower centrepiece with petals made of small gemstones;
  • Childbirth - choose classic models with large inserts surrounded by a sparkling scattering that a woman can wear at any age;
  • Prom - look for a white gold model with one or two small diamonds that sparkle even in artificial light.

Mineral Processing Methods

Pay particular attention to the shape of the insert. The small stones for sale are usually circular and are used to form sparkling placers. In the centre of the composition are minerals of large or medium size, the cut of which determines the shine of the stone. Our website offers white gold rings with inlays of various shapes:

  • Baguette - stepped rectangular cut that makes the quality of the stone visible even to the naked eye;
  • Pear - a teardrop-shaped insert with 55-56 facets and a large upper platform that creates the effect of a “trick of the light”;
  • Cabochon - one of the ancient ways in which gemstones are processed to form a convex shape with a perfectly smooth surface;
  • Marquis - an oval insert with two sharp corners, consisting of 55 edges, named after Madame de Pompadour;
  • The heart is one of the most difficult types of precious minerals to work with; perfect proportions and contour depend on the craftsman's professionalism;
  • Oval - an elongated stone with 57 wing-shaped facets and a large upper platform;
  • Trilliant - looks like a triangle with slightly convex sides, the cost and brilliance depend on the number of facets.

Type of rings

A white gold eternity ring with diamonds can be given not only to a woman but also to a man for an anniversary. The small silver seals are adorned with decorative carvings and coloured zirconia inserts or small stripes of blue spinel. If you know your loved one’s hobbies, consider the Hobby collection. Small-themed images are applied to the seals using simulated blackening.

If you want to make a gift for a religious holiday - give preference to a design in white gold and different carat. It has no inserts of precious stones.

Classic models with one large insert of a precious or semi-precious stone are a great option for her for an engagement. However, you can also give your beloved a stylish phalanx ring. Usually, the base of these models is not closed so they fit any finger.

How to choose a ring?

The first thing to do is to decide on the size of the finger you plan to choose a piece of jewelery for. If you need to buy an engagement ring, then you should find out the size of your beloved's ring finger.

To buy a white gold ring, it is important to pay attention to sorting items by precious metal type. The F jewellery website's full assortment includes gold wedding rings with gilding or evil eye bracelets at a low price.

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