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The opening locket is one of the most mysterious and enchanting jewelry in the world. One of the reasons for this: anything can be hidden in it and this invariably excites the interest of others. But how did this unusual accessory come about in the first place? What was it used for and what does it mean? FJewellery store experts prepared the most detailed answers to all these questions and revealed them in this article. In addition, here we will talk about how lockets for women can be skillfully used in contemporary looks and how to combine them harmoniously. In the meantime, you can sit back and explore our online catalogue, where we have selected for you the most complete and multifaceted collection of these amazing decorations! Let's start!

Women's LocketsWomen's Lockets

A little about the history of this decoration

The word "medallion" itself has a very mixed origin. Its roots go deep into Italian history and language, from where it was later borrowed by the French. Literally translated, this term means "big medal", which indicates the military past of this jewelry. Yes, such lockets were awarded for excellent service and military triumphs to ancient Roman legionnaires and military officials. At the time, this accessory looked like a big round award disc. A little later, it acquired more weight and volume and began to look like a large engravable coin on which various drawings and patterns were applied. These could be:

  • familiar inscriptions,
  • military symbols,
  • embossed portraits of rulers,
  • or more personalized pictures.

Such decorations were worn around the neck only by officers of the highest rank, and this very clearly indicated their social affiliation and status in society. But this was only the beginning of the amazing history of these accessories, and then they were very different from the usual jewel that we are used to seeing on the shelves of fashion stores.

In the same form in which we know it, the locket arose during the Renaissance - it was the best period of the burst of real creativity and culture in Europe. Those times gave the world a lot of brilliant artists, sculptures, architects, writers and jewellers as well! During this period, the creators were especially interested in antiquity and that is why they paid attention to this beautiful decoration.

At that time, opening rings with a secret were very popular, but most frequently they were used to storing poison in a special container, which was an integral part of such a ring. When the mystery of this jewellery was revealed, they were banned, but the then masters quickly came up with a replacement for them - an opening pendant that could perform the same function, and at the same time looked just as luxurious and elegant. By the way, not only men used such products - there was also a ladies locket.

But let's get closer to the present. For the first time, the fact of wearing such an accessory in its contemporary sense was recorded in England about 400 years ago. A century later, with the onset of the Victorian era, the women medallion was at the peak of its popularity. It has evolved from an award for military merit into a very personalized receptacle of memory and has become an indispensable female attribute. In that magnificent period when romanticism triumphed in Europe, the pendant with a photo became something of a cult and ubiquitous. As a rule, photographs or information about close relatives who died in the war were kept inside the medallion, and it became a family heirloom. They were also engraved with important inscriptions or initials, and sometimes just abstract ornaments. By their shape, one could understand what was hidden inside. If the decoration was in the shape of a heart, it means that a photograph of a loved one is hidden in it, and if it was a standard oval or circle, it means an image of a relative (mother, father, brothers and sisters). Mothers kept this jewel for daughters, grandmothers passed it on to their beloved granddaughter, and so on. So many unique vintage lockets of those times have survived to this day, which are now of great value and have a high cost.

Nowadays, such retro products are also in high demand, but newer original designs have also appeared that attract more and more attention from ladies and conquer fashion ratings. A simple decoration from antiquity has turned into a trendy and stylish accessory that is of great relevance and is present in the wardrobe of every contemporary lady. Therefore, in the FJewellery boutique, we try to collect female lockets for every taste - from classic to the most fashionable and exclusive. In our assortment you will find only high-quality pre-owned and new models at the most pleasant price! And we will definitely tell you how to choose them and how best to integrate them into your everyday look!

All about modern lockets

Today, as well as in antiquity, these jewelries are highly valued, which means they are made from the best and most noble metals. The first is traditional silver - one of the most popular materials of the past, from which the most expensive and luxurious jewellery was made. The second is exquisite gold - chic and alluring. Its main advantage is that you can easily change the shade of the metal, which is actively used by fashion brands and private jewellers. The most common alloy for such an accessory has a purity of 9 carats, a cheap but extremely reliable and durable option for an item that is so important.

Precious stones are also often used in the design of lockets. Most often, this is either one large gemstone in the centre of the product or a scattering of smaller crystals over the entire surface of its cover. If you choose a decoration as a memorable gift for girlfriend or wife, then it's appropriate to pick a model with a birthstone - this will make it even more individual.

Engravings continue to be in demand and are used quite often, especially on girls lockets. Such options are very popular as paired items for best friends or even lovers.

Lockets For HerLockets For Her

The opening medallion is that special type of jewellery that is timeless and not subject to capricious fashion, which means it can harmoniously fit into any style of clothing. The main thing is that it should correspond as much as possible to the character of its owner and be in its place. There are no specific rules for wearing it - it all depends on your imagination and mood. We can only give a few useful tips on how best to combine it with certain images.

  1. It's important to remember that for young girls such an accessory can be obliging and very cumbersome, and therefore you should carefully select a model. An elegant and delicate version of silver without unnecessary details is best suited for her.
  2. The medallion should be the central part of the image, not competing with other attributes. If you want to complement it with other decorations - let them be elegant and not distract attention to themselves. The accessory will look cool with other items in vintage style - pearls, rubies and floral patterns are perfect.
  3. Buy a suitable chain for the locket, and it will solve half of your problems! But remember, it should match the design of your pendant and be strong and thick enough to hold a heavy piece. You can check the real picture of the chain in our catalogue and study its characteristics in order to understand exactly whether it suits you in the kit or not.

These are perhaps all the main recommendations that you should follow - the rest is up to you! We can only advise you to take a look at the other accessories we have on sale that can help complete your unique look. For example:

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