Women's St. Christopher Pendants

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Women are very fond of jewellery. Silver, gold… whatever. They may just be cute or have some meaning. In the latter case, we are talking about amulets. One of the most popular in the Catholic world was St Christopher pendants for women for a long time. Previously, it was worn only by Catholics, then all those who needed protection while travelling began to use it, then surfers, and today it is not necessary to belong to one of the groups. The FJewellery online shop offers a large range of pendants for every taste.

Features womens St Christopher pendant

This jewellery can be called universal. It is suggested that you can wear it on the neck when you travel or wear it all the time.

Jewellers offer a vast range of designs. Therefore, you can choose a gold or silver pendant for your style if you decide to please yourself. Or choose something suitable as a gift for a loved one.

St. Christopher Pendants for Lady

In our shop you can find are:

  • The classic version of pendants. It can be a bas-relief of a saint is visible on a gold or silver plate of a rectangular, round or oval shape, with little Jesus sitting on his shoulders. Such pendants can be encrusted with gemstone and have an engraving (inscription) that enhances the effect of the amulet. Pendants can be double-sided or single-sided.
  • Openwork, light, and luxurious models in which a rectangular, round, or oval frame of the pendant is made of metal, and in the middle, against the background of gaps, a figure of a saint with a baby is visible.
  • Jewellery is made of gold and silver at an attractive cost.

When choosing a pendant for yourself, be guided by your taste and choose the material you prefer most. If you are looking for a gift for a loved one, choose the most suitable option for her.

You can give such a pendant to your mother, sister, girlfriend, daughter, granddaughter for any occasion. It is also a very popular Christening gift. And it is not at all necessary to wait for a reason and buy a pendant when someone is going on a trip. Such a gift will show all your care and love.

Buy pendant online

You have one of the easiest choices to make, and here's why. Pendants do not have the dimensions like rings, length like a chain, girth like a bracelet. You can choose the design you like and buy jewellery online. A large catalogue with high-quality pictures and descriptions will help you make your choice. The FJewellery online shop offers a huge assortment.

You can find in sale beautiful earrings, including wedding earrings, bracelets, such as twisted bracelets, as well as crosses rhodium in which you can pick up a chain of any type of weaving. All of them can be new or pre-owned. Price in the shop will also pleasantly surprise you.