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A wristwatch is that unique accessory that characterizes our image no less than an outfit or any other piece of jewelry. And although all kinds of fitness bracelets and smartwatches are extremely popular now, the real classics will never lose their relevance. Such things indicate your excellent sense of style, sophistication and elegance - which means that everyone should have them in their personal collection, and it doesn't matter if you wear them every day, to certain meetings or on special occasions. And if you want to become the owners of a truly unique model, we advise you to pay attention to second hand watches. Among the huge assortment of used accessories, you can find very rare and unusual premium models that are unlikely to be found in the windows of the mass market. And the best place to look for such special pieces is the FJewellery online catalogue, where we have collected the most interesting offers for you. Join now!

Used Watches

Some historical facts

You may be surprised to learn that a wristwatch is by no means a contemporary accessory, and its history began in the 16th century. Earl R. Dudley made a truly luxurious and very special gift to Elizabeth I - a precious bracelet encrusted with diamonds and studded with pearls. But it wasn't a simple bracelet - in its center was a beautiful dial and this jewel was made especially for her. Since then, the solemn procession of wristwatches to the top of jewelry fashion has begun. In the flesh until the 20th century, these accessories were called nothing more than a wristlet, and they were considered exclusively female. In general, in those days, ladies treated decorations with special trepidation, and the chicest and not cheap materials were in fashion, such as:

  • exquisite blackened silver,
  • natural large gemstones,
  • magnificent mother-of-pearl,
  • voluminous floral ornaments,
  • etc.

The first mens models appeared only in the 19th century, but then this idea was not appreciated. Only a few decades later, this functional invention received its recognition, and you know how? Thanks to the military, who in the field were not comfortable using pocket watches all the time, they saw the practical benefit of wearing them on the wrist. By the way, among used watches you can find very amazing and exceptional models that repeat the military specimens of that era, and such vintage rarities are highly valued.

Today, in the era of smartphones and the total transition to electronic devices, traditional watches are no longer a necessity, but remain a luxury item and an indicator of the status of their owner, and therefore modern jewelers continue to create more and more diverse models - from strict classics to bright and extravagant ones. Such jewels are present in the elite collections of the most famous jewellery brands, and every designer tries to bring something special and unexpected to his brainchild, due to which this market only grows and fills. Thus, the FJewellery store offers a wide range of both new and 2nd hand watches of various designs and in several price categories. Here you can study each product in detail, carefully examine the pictures and characteristics in order to choose the accessory that will meet all your needs and fully match your image and taste.

How to pick up the right watch for clothes and accessories

On various websites on the Internet, you can find a lot of tips and recommendations on the selection of certain decorations, but we decided to save your time and collect and organize all the necessary information into one small but very informative article. And it's worth starting with the simplest basics.

It doesn't matter at all whether you buy pre owned watches or new ones - the main rule of dazzling success remains the same. And the secret is very simple - it's always important to maintain the harmony and relevance of the image, and precious accessories perfectly help to achieve this. Whether you like gentle romantic or strict and concise images - never get hung up on one style; experiment, select, combine and then your outfit will sparkle with new colours, and the style will become individual and recognizable. For example, you decide to wear a sundress or a skirt made of light, airy and flowing fabric - don't be afraid to make the image of a cute marshmallow or tender cloud heavier with a massive accessory. Choose a model with a large dial or a wide strap - this will successfully place the main stylistic accents. For dresses and outfits made of dense and heavy fabric with voluminous prints or decorative elements, the reverse principle works - the image needs to be lightened and balanced. For this, a small and elegant watch with a thin feminine and delicate strap is suitable. Always pay attention to the fabric of a suit or dress, and then it will be easier for you to pick up precious details.

In creating a truly harmonious and contemporary look, the shape of the watch is of great importance. If you prefer strict business suits, straight midi skirts and classic snow-white shirts, models with a traditional rectangular or square body, simple and solid, without unnecessary details, will suit you. The bracelet itself can be metal - consider options from discreet silver or chic noble gold. A military or sports outfit will be good complemented by comfortable streamlined round shapes and soft straps - this is practical and doesn't cause discomfort during sports and other physical activities. But if the soul lies in the avant-garde casual - then your choice is bright and fancy preloved watches. Here you can use all your imagination: play with a variety of shapes and combine the most unexpected elements and materials - everything will be appropriate!

The colour of the case and strap is as important as the shape and materials. With it, you can correctly distribute accents, pay attention to a particular detail, emphasize the main concept of the image or create a contrast. When buying a watch for a specific outfit, always focus on the colour scheme. If the whole image is designed in uniform shades, then it's better to choose an accessory to match it or as neutral as possible. But if the suit has some bright eye-catching details (ruffles, buttons, coloured stitching), then a wristwatch to match this fitting will look very impressive and original. They will serve as a logical conclusion to the entire look and even become its highlight.

Learning how to seamlessly combine pre loved watches and clothes is already a huge success. But, in your wardrobe there are probably other things that make up the decorative basis of your outfits - these are:

  • shoes,
  • handbags,
  • gloves,
  • belts,
  • hats,
  • glasses,
  • and, of course, fine jewels.

They make up a significant part of your personal image, and you can't lose sight of the fact that all these things should be combined not only with each other, but also with wristwatches. If you turn a blind eye to these nuances, you'll look extremely ridiculous and even funny, and no one wants this. Therefore, before purchasing preowned accessories, always consider those that you already have and select products from similar materials. For example, choose a watch with a glossy bracelet for your favorite patent handbag, and a matching model with an eco-leather strap for classic cowboy boots. So, you will always look incomparable and stylish!

Second hand watches

The combination of other jewelry with watches also needs to be taken carefully, choosing models that are similar in style and materials. Depending on the design, you can put together a perfect precious kit including:

In order to assemble your own special set, just look at the website of the FJewellery shop, where there is a huge selection of a wide variety of secondhand precious products of the highest quality and at the most affordable and pleasant prices. We have many stylish and original platinum, gold and silver accessories for sale, and each product has all the necessary certificates of authenticity. And with any questions, you can always contact our consultants who will solve any of your dilemmas and provide any assistance online. Welcome!