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Amethyst Rings Three Stone

Buy 3 stone rings with amethyst in store FJewellery

Rings with three gemstones are a classic. It hasn’t lost relevance over the years. And it doesn't have to be diamonds. Many modern women will be happy to get, for example, three stone amethyst ring. The FJewellery online shop offers exquisite amethyst jewellery. It will help you create a unique stylish look.

Features of amethyst jewellery

Amethyst is a very beautiful semi-precious stone. It is most often found in lilac or rich colours. Other colour variations are less common. The shade of the stone can vary depending on the angle of incidence of the colour.
Amethyst is believed to have magical properties:

  • it is applied to the temples to relieve headaches,
  • a gemstone for insomnia is placed under the pillow,
  • the water is charged with amethyst to remove toxins, improve the functioning of internal organs, etc.,
  • some believe that amethyst helps with mental health problems,
  • esotericists are advised to wear amethyst jewellery to protect against negative energy,
  • some people believe that an amethyst ring helps to save a marriage, etc.

Amethyst is the most common jewellery piece in silver, but it also looks great in gold. Moreover, it’s purple and lilac shades best accentuated with yellow gold. White gold is perfect for the richer, cooler tones.

Features of amethyst jewellery

Amethyst combines perfectly with other stones in the rings. So, in the model amethyst 3 stone ring, the natural beauty is accentuated by the sparkle of diamonds. In addition, amethyst rings can be combined with other jewellery with coloured stones, such as kiss bracelets.

Jewellery with amethyst can be worn at any age. However, there are unwritten rules: pale lilac shades are recommended for girls, while older ladies will prefer crystals with a rich and deep colour.

Where to buy amethyst jewellery

Amethyst jewellery is quite popular. And you can buy them not only in jewellery shops but also in online shops. It won't take you long to make this purchase and will cost less. Simply choose the style and size you want from the catalogue. There are images and descriptions for your convenience. You can then place your order.

The FJewellery online shop has a huge assortment of jewellery for her and for men at an affordable price. Here you can find in sale:

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