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Claddagh Rings with Gemstones

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Without a doubt, Claddagh bands are absolutely unique pieces in the market. Their functionality and suitability are second to none as well — you are welcome to purchase them for birthdays, anniversaries, and in the role of engagement or even wedding bands. But if you would like to contribute to your status with accessories, a birthstone Claddagh ring is a good option. Stay tuned to check some recommendations from the F Jewellery experts.

Birthstone Stones for Irish Claddagh Bands

The name of the accessory under consideration hides its long and interesting history. It is believed to be created back in the seventeenth century according to one legend. Anyway, it is more important to see how popular it is nowadays, and of the reasons is modern modifications applied to the original and traditional design.

Usually, this term is applied to define a ring with a pair of hands holding the heart, and there is a crown over the union of hands and heart. As you can guess, its symbolism includes highlighting the feelings of love, friendship, and fidelity.

In its original design, it is a certain rare species in the field. In the online catalogue of F Jewellery, customers are welcome to consider how appealing the present assortment is thanks to advanced images. The decision to invest in old cuts and achieve a gorgeous Claddagh ring with stone increases its value. Here are some popular samples of gemstones in this case:

  • Those who celebrate their birthdays in April can expect to receive gifts with diamonds. This is the hardest of all precious stones and the most brilliant among them. It occupies the leading positions in other rankings too. For instance, it is the most durable and will amaze you with its high cost. However, thanks to models for sale, it is not a problem to buy them at a rather cheap price tag. It is always present in the jewellery fashion trends, so there is no reason to deny the decision to present such stones to someone else but who isn’t born in April. Such accessories will be complemented by chains rope layouts.
  • To order alexandrite for people born in June is a wonderful idea. This stone has a fluctuating colour, which depends on how exposed to light it is. The shades vary from reddish-purple to green-blue. From this perspective, it is a crystal you will be always intrigued to see. Pearls and moonstones will work for this month too. At the same time, you can accompany your gemstone Claddagh ring with unique styles to create a marvelous ensemble. For instance, that could be pendants Star of David or necklaces tassel options.

Types of Gemstone Cuts

The gemstone's cut largely determines its luster and the play of light on its surface. Under this term, people that aren’t professionally related to the jewellery world should understand a technique of crystal cutting that helps achieve a certain form and size of the object. This process predetermines the number of facets, their proportions in relation to each other, and their distinctive contours. Let’s get a deeper insight into the types of cuts that are commonly applied for Irish Claddagh rings (and not only):

  • The round cut is one of the most spread in the market. Possessing seventeen, thirty-three, or fifty-seven facets, this style differentiates with its classic charm and incredible beauty. It is the best option for diamonds and similar stones since it allows enhancing their brilliance. At the same time, this universal design is a good means of natural protection from chipping risks and other damages. However, there are some disadvantages too — up to 50% of the original stone size and weight are lost because of this procedure.
  • Having fifty-seven facets, this cut format has been preferred and developed since the 1960s. Since its form is more delicate and gender, the impressions are completely different. Such stones on hand help the bands visually increase the length of the fingers and make them look thinner.
  • The marquis cut is a perfect soulmate for her to order. Interesting design and beautiful shining increase the attention-grabbing potential of the piece. As with the oval cut, the Marquise cut on the ring extends visually the fingers of the hand. However, keep in mind that the sharp wedges at the ends of the stone will make it vulnerable and fragile.
  • Models for him also take place and the choice of components for this gemstone Claddagh ring is special too. Emerald and baguette formats are commonly preferred. Although it may turn out to be a challenge to find this combination in the market, don’t hesitate to apply to our experts for more details — thanks to our cooperation with the leading UK suppliers, we say “no” to Mission Impossible. They are known for having long straight cuts. If you are looking for a larger stone but at a more affordable price tag, this is the best idea to go for.

Wrap It Up

If you want to go further in your considerations than picking up gold or silver accessories, then pieces with gemstones would become a good puzzle for you to solve. There are a lot of nuances to take into account to make your purchase beneficial, but the F Jewellery specialists are always ready to assist and provide all the required details.

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