Gemstones Cluster Rings

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Precious stones are an amazing creation of nature. They fascinate with the amazing brilliance of a multitude of facets that have been carefully crafted by a jeweller. Their charm is irresistible. They are inlaid with all kinds of jewellery making each one a work of art. Gemstone cluster rings are among them. This is a special category of rings with lots of small precious crystals. The FJewellery online shop offers a wide range of these rings.

Features of cluster rings

Diamonds have long been used in jewellery. Round diamonds are used in classic designs. Today, jewellers offer a variety of solutions. They use birthstones of different shapes, cuts and shades. Stone clusters are made up of small crystals. This allows you to get beautiful jewellery at an affordable price.

Cluster rings use a special kind of fastening. This allows small gemstones of the same size to be placed close together. This creates the illusion of one large gemstone with an incredible play of light. Another advantage of cluster mounts is that the gemstones are securely protected.

Types and features of gem cluster ring

Diamonds are still in fashion. They can be used independently in cluster rings. But their clear crystals are just as striking when combined with coloured stones. Today's jewellers offer a huge variety of cluster-style rings. Among the most popular combinations are:

  • The sapphire is surrounded by diamonds. The shimmer of the blue stone framed by the diamond crystals takes on a special mystery. This incredibly beautiful combination at the top of the ring gives it charm. Many girls dream of getting this engagement ring. After all, Princess Diana herself chose a ring with this amazing combination of stones for such an occasion. This luxurious piece of jewellery is worthy of a successful, elegant woman who knows her worth.
  • Ruby with diamonds. Ruby has been adorning the crowns of rulers and the jewellery of nobles since before Christ. Even today it is extremely popular in jewellery for her and for him. The bright stone of passion is reluctant to be paired with other coloured gems, but it combines beautifully with clear diamonds. Ruby rings are versatile, but they love moderation. This laconic piece of jewellery with small stones is suitable for business and casual style. A luxurious ring with a large stone surrounded by diamonds is more suitable for a special occasion and is the perfect complement to an evening look.
  • Ring with emerald and diamonds. This noble mineral with a striking green colour has long been used in jewellery. An emerald ring symbolises good fortune and prosperity. Framed by diamonds, the stone takes on an even richer hue, attracting glances.

Other popular combinations include sapphire in a halo of smaller sapphires, opal surrounded by rubies and many more. The rings in which diamonds have been replaced by cubic zirconia are becoming more and more popular. These synthetic crystals are just as beautiful as diamonds, although they cost much less. A cheap and beautiful model can be obtained by combining garnet with cubic zirconia crystals, for example. Clear diamond or cubic zirconia rings go well with any jewellery with or without gemstones (chains rope) and much more.

Сluster stone ring

The ring setting can be made of various precious metals

  • The cheapest but very beautiful rings are offered by jewellers in sterling silver with a cluster of cubic zirconia. They can be combined with other silver jewellery (necklaces tassels etc.).
  • Classic yellow gold is always on-trend. It pairs particularly well with stones in warm colours. The ring can be paired with both modern and classic jewellery (pendants star of David, etc.).
  • Today's fashion is particularly favourable to white gold. And no wonder. It goes well with diamonds and any other gemstones. Engagement or wedding rings in white gold are much more common.
  • Rose gold jewellery is much rarer, but it's delightful. And if you prefer extraordinary solutions, this noble metal is for you.

The design of rings with a bunch of precious stones can be very different. This category includes designs with a large central stone surrounded by a halo of smaller crystals of the same shape and size. A feature of this design is the visual enlargement of the central stone. In some models, the halo is complemented by a path of gemstones around the ring, symbolizing eternity.

Another common variation is that the entire ring cover is made up of identical small stones arranged in heart, flower, geometric shapes etc. They are so closely spaced that from a distance the composition looks like a single solid stone. Men's rings in this style are often designed as a kind of signet ring with a cap of diamonds or cubic zirconia.

Cluster stone ring is a versatile piece of jewellery

A bunch of precious stones ring is a perfect option for an engagement. But it can also be given as a gift for any other occasion: wedding anniversary, birthday, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, or simply to please a loved one. This gift to the bride, wife, sister, and mother will be a symbol of your love and respect.

The range of rings in this category is extremely large. Here you can find models to match a lavish wedding dress, evening gown, business and even casual wardrobe. In this case, you should follow the basic rules of choosing jewellery according to age, wardrobe style, the shape of a hand (length and thickness of fingers) etc.

Where to buy cluster rings

The FJewellery online shop offers a wide range of cluster rings. You can choose a suitable piece of jewellery from the catalogue. It contains images of each model and a detailed description. Each for-sale item is available in several sizes. If your ring is not available in the size you want, you can order it. The company has its own workshop, where jewellers will fulfil your order as quickly as possible. In addition to the rings, you can buy any other piece of jewellery in a classic or modern style. If you wish, you can choose a set of jewellery in the same style.