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DAD Rings with Gemstones

Buy dad rings with birthstones in store FJewellery

Although accessories were originally more spread among men and used to signify their power and status, their popularity nowadays only resembles those of the past days. When it comes to rings, wedding and engagement bands seem to be the only solutions to look for. However, this stereotypic attitude may prevent you from purchasing a solid ring for gentlemen, but that is an obviously wrong approach to choose. Why not prepare a perfect gift for Father’s Day or other occasions in the form of a dad birthstone ring? This attention will be definitely pleasing and satisfactory. Just stay tuned with FJewellery to check for the options available.

Gemstone Cuts

Pear, heart, princess — these cuts are commonly associated with jewellery for her, but what about accessories for him? Let’s consider what the most beneficial choices for birthstone rings for dad are:

  • Radiant — if your goal is to invest in something rare and unusual, then this style is your favourite. Its form resembles square-shaped gems a lot, but it tends to be gentler in the final finish and offers a great number of facets to increase the brilliance degree. It will go great with both gold and silver accessories.
  • Asscher — another distinguished cut is the emerald cut square version. It will make you investigate its beautiful layout more and more thanks to rectangular facets and extraordinary light reflection capabilities. Dad rings with birthstones like that will be truly personalized, especially if you emphasize their attraction by matching pendants horse shoe or bracelets spiga designs.
  • Emerald — the jewellery shape under consideration has lots of similarities and alternatives, but its main power is in elegant rectangular facets. Strictness yet purity of mind and thought are easily accented by this format. You are welcome to buy these accessories with ring patterned layouts to make the purchase more advantageous.
  • Round — this standard design to order doesn’t equal purchasing boring stuff. On the contrary, this shape is one of the most beneficial when it comes to the brightness and brilliance of stones. In this case, this percentage is the highest. Besides, the round cut differentiates with its durability and stability. In the long-term perspective, this format features fewer risks to be damaged by outer phenomena because of a more robust inner structure.

In the majority of cases, birthstone dad bands come with plenty of stones inserted. So even though the number of gems is higher than usual, this amount is styled out of pieces of small size, which influences the cost positively.

Modern and Traditional Birthstones for Men

There are several approaches to defining which stone represents which month best. That’s one of the reasons why some dates can boast of having a couple of stones as their heroes. For instance, you won’t get wrong by preparing tanzanite, blue zircon, or blue topaz accessories for those who are born in December.

At the same time, unlike this modern approach, the old one offers lapis and turquoise to choose from. As you can see, there are dozens of opportunities in terms of the accessory assortment and the final cost of the ensemble if you pick up a few matching pieces. Enthusiasts are enabled to check their suitability thanks to profound images on the website.

If you think that gemstones can’t be cheap, then don’t hesitate the range of prices offered by the FJewellery online store — the catalogue features several models for any budget.

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