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Baguette Diamond Eternity Rings

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The term “baguette” came to us from the French word “bague”, which is now translated as “ring”. Why exactly were the baguette diamond eternity rings called that? The fact is that before the 17th century any jewellery was called 'baguette' and the miniature form of baguette, according to Alfred Franklin's 1905 historical dictionary, meant a small piece of jewellery with no particular monetary value. In the F jewellery shop, will find many variations of this cut.

History knows many examples when the brightest beauties of Hollywood were given jewellery with baguette-cut stones or mariner bracelets. For example, Prince Rainier III of Monaco's wedding gift to his beloved Grace Kelly is a three-tier Cartier diamond necklace. The platinum jewellery is complemented by colourless round and baguette-cut diamonds totalling 64 carats. Later, a copy of this necklace, specially created by Cartier, shone around the neck of Nicole Kidman, who played the Princess of Monaco in a biopic.

In the past, this type of cut was only used to create small pieces of jewellery with a low price tag.

What is a modern “baguette” cut?

It is a beautiful rectangular step-cut stone without the cut corners typical of the emerald shape. Personally, it attracts with:

  • laconicism,
  • image,
  • elegant elongated shape,
  • calmer shine than the stones from the "diamond" category.

Baguettes can be used to create various spectacular compositions, as jewellery designer Susanna Kalan does, for example, who based all her jewellery on baguettes.

From a technical point of view, the baguette model is the simplest type of cut, because it has fewer facets than, for example, an Asscher or a Radiant. This explains why this shape is mostly given to small stones. And if a diamond is initially oblong and flat in shape at the same time, it is not economically viable to cut it otherwise.

The “baguette” cut is given to stones for so-called eternity rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets. The baguette cut has opened up a whole new range of possibilities for linear jewelry design. The jewellery with diamonds of this cut is available in the F jewellery shop assortment.

Eternity ring

The full eternity gold ring is a piece of jewellery with diamonds set in a row on a shank. It symbolises unity and an eternal unbreakable bond. Eternity rings are slightly different in design from more traditional wedding rings. Such rings often make a good gift for her but we also have decent positions for men.

The sophisticated and intricate design of the eternity ring for sale, which is often used as an engagement ring, accentuates and enhances the brilliance of a diamond engagement ring. In addition, eternity rings can make a great gift to celebrate the birth of a child, a life achievement or a symbol of everlasting love and devotion.

What kinds of diamonds are used?

The eternity ring with baguette diamonds design uses a wide variety of diamond shapes and sizes, with round diamonds being the most popular. This shape retains light best, resulting in a high level of shimmer and clarity.

Baguette-cut diamonds to order are also used, which are mostly set in a channel setting, creating a mesmerising effect of reflections all around the rim of the ring. It is also rare to find a combination of round and baguette-cut diamonds for a geometric style, as well as charm pendants.

In addition to these two shapes, you can also sometimes find a baguette cut diamond eternity ring with princess or pear cut diamonds.

How to wear it?

An eternity ring as a wedding ring is usually worn over the wedding ring on the ring finger. The wedding ring is positioned closer to the heart, symbolising your heart-to-heart relationship with the bond of marriage. Today, however, many deviate from tradition and wear them as they please. Some women do not wear an eternity ring on their ring finger at all. It is best to wear rings according to your preference and style without being too strict about it.

In the F jewellery shop catalogue offers a variety of eternity rings and singapore chains that you can buy at an affordable cost.

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