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Diamond Cluster Rings

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What woman would resist the temptation to receive cluster rings diamond or exquisite diamond jewellery as a gift? Of course, such a piece of jewellery is more expensive than other stones, especially if it is encrusted with a large gem, but its beauty and splendour justify its cost. In the F jewellery shop, you will find a great variety of options.

Durability and beauty requirements

The item must be clean. You should not take precious stones with a low purity index. The worst option if you can see the cloudiness inside the stone with the naked eye. Obligatory product documents: certificate. The product descriptions of our online jewellery shop contain all the information you need about the quality of the inserts.

See how the gemstone is attached to the base. Durability is ensured by the metal fixing. On the contrary, glue does not hold the product tightly enough. We also use a fastener when a large number of stones are placed along the rim. Common types of gold fasteners are hidden settings and claws. We do not sell products with an adhesive fastener. You can see this in the pictures.

You can pay for this at any price – it is no big deal. However, it is important to know what type of polish the craftsmen used, because this affects the service life. Automatic polishing machines are often used in production. With this finish, dozens of gold rings are cleaned simultaneously in the machine's spacious compartment. As a result, the fasteners are erased.

Choosing a gift

The assortment includes such popular products as diamond rings or masonic rings for sale in the F jewellery online shop. The product catalogue includes both inexpensive models as well as pieces with unique gemstones. Detailed information about each product and reviews will help determine the appropriate choice of model.

The price depends on the metal used, weight and design. Traditionally, white, yellow, reddish gold and silver are used. The varieties are divided into the main groups:

  • Wedding - smooth or delicate, but with a minimum of decoration and stones “sunk” into the surface.
  • Engagement - graceful and delicate, decorated with a single stone or, more rarely, a scattering of smaller stones.
  • Amulet with ethnic motives - embossed, ornamented, with religious symbols or inscriptions. This jewellery is often inexpensive because it may contain silver and small cut diamonds.
  • Decorative, fancy rings with an intricate design and volume; they'll accentuate individuality and be a standout and spectacular piece of jewellery.
  • Children's.
  • Men's wedding and signet rings. These massive, voluminous models reflect the status and style of the wearer.

How to wear such a thing?

Primarily for her for a social event. With such jewellery on the right hand, women go to a modern theatre or a sophisticated party. You can wear the brightest version with a large stone. The images will be complemented with other big gold jewellery: necklaces, bracelets, earrings.

The daytime version is a model with one small stone or trace chains. The jewellery looks neat if its rim is not wide. The gold should be white. A thin gold chain and small studs may be worn in addition to the ring.

There are several rules to follow on a daily basis:

  • Beautiful stones are strong, but they scratch against each other and should not be kept together;
  • When taking a shower, it is important to remove the products. Moisture has a negative effect on the stones. After washing the dishes, grease forms on them, which is difficult to remove;
  • Items should be cleaned periodically as dirt accumulates underneath them. You can clean the items yourself. To do so, purchase a special solution and a brush. You can also have them cleaned by a craftsman.

A diamond cluster ring is a favourite piece of jewellery at all times. The ancient Etruscans, Greeks and Egyptians adorned themselves with such jewellery because of its sacred meaning. The poor were satisfied with articles made of cheap metals: copper, tin, etc. The upper classes wore intricate designs of gold and silver cluster with gem inlays. Only the rich could afford to buy a ring with a diamond - the “king of stones.”

Clustered diamond ring also played a practical role. Therefore, they protected the archers’ fingers from the bowstring, and the authenticity of the letter was certified by the seal-imprint of the ring. These days they have become a favourite accessory of fashion and stylish people. You can buy them in different shapes, sizes and designs.

F jewellery shop offers rings in various carats and spectacle bracelets to order in its online shop, whose catalogue is regularly updated. With an impressive range of dainty jewellery, it is easy to make the best choice. You can also buy exclusive, handmade pieces with large diamonds.

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