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Halo Diamond Engagement Rings

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The halo diamond engagement ring is the most famous of its kind. It combines luxury, elegance and tenderness, and how it shines magnificently on a beautiful female finger. No girl can resist such a gift! The online catalogue of the Fjewellery store contains the largest assortment of such rings and the most affordable price for them. We also have a system of pleasant bonuses for all our clients and a special discount for new customers, there are various payment and delivery options - everything for your convenience and the most profitable purchases!

What does such a ring look like?

Such jewellery conquers with its brilliance and sophistication. This's because it consists of a whole placer of precious stones - a large central gem is framed by smaller iridescent crystals. The correct placement of gemstones allows for a visual increase in the volume of the product and creates an unsurpassed play of light.

The most classic model is colourless diamonds on a white gold background. These're the rings that people buy when they make a marriage proposal. But there are also alternatives with coloured precious inserts in yellow or red gold and elegant silver.

The main stone is usually square or round. But there are also more original options with a cut in the shape of a pear and a heart, as well as an oval halo with pointed or soft edges. The whole composition and style of decoration directly depends on the colour and type of cut of the central gem - it can be:

  • strict and restrained,
  • gentle and romantic,
  • extravagant,
  • etc.

The scattering of crystals around the main diamond can also vary, due to which very unusual patterns and overflows are created. So, for example, there is a double halo and even a triple one. Several paths of gems around the center of the composition create an endless glow.

A twisted halo looks very original - a feeling of a whirlpool of precious crystals is created, attracting attention to the central part of the accessory. Pave diamonds create a sparkling line that wraps around the finger and seems to create a sense of infinity.

But the most unusual and surprising is the cluster halo model. Unlike all other options, in such a ring there isn't one gem in the center, but several at once. In appearance, it's very similar to a beautiful flower, surrounded by a scattering of shining stars.

Halo diamond engagement ring

Where does this name come from?

The word "halo" came to us from the language of the Ancient Greeks, where it had the same meaning as in English. The halo ring is so named because the small crystals create a kind of precious nimbus around the central diamond.

Also, its name is associated with the optical phenomenon of the same name in the atmosphere - a natural aureole in the form of a large ring. It is formed around the sun or a bright light source. You can only see it under certain weather conditions and it looks really fantastic.

How and when did such rings appear?

They gained the greatest popularity at the beginning of the last century, although jewellery similar in design has been encountered before. But before they looked a little different: all the gems were practically the same size, and instead of diamonds, real pearls were often used. Many ladies still like these vintage rings, and they don't look old or cheap, but contemporary models seem to be gentler and more refined.

In the 1920s, such accessorise became especially common thanks to the flourishing of the Art Deco style. The abundance of precious stones, the correct symmetry and perfect geometric shapes were highly appreciated by the fashionistas of those years, and went well with their jazz images.

But the most famous to this day remains a diamond engagement ring with halo of Princess Diana. The magnificent jewellery is crowned with a large sapphire, which is surrounded by fourteen diamonds. It was then that the demand for these accessorise soared very high, and they began to appear in sale more and more.

How to combine such jewellery correctly?

Since the ring itself looks quite large, you shouldn’t wear other massive accessorise with it. Also, don't forget that jewellery should be combined in colour and, best of all, choose models from the same metal. An excellent addition to a diamond halo ring can be:

You can also pick up a complete set of identical earrings, pendant and ring - it will look very luxurious and expensive.

But if you want to really impress your girlfriend and make an unforgettable gift for her, there is simply no better option than a diamond halo engagement ring! Find and order a suitable model on the Fjewellery website, and our experienced consultants will certainly help you, if necessary. We have a lot of precious accessorise for sale and, if you wish, you can immediately assemble an original set of jewellery, which will also be very cost-effective. And we guarantee you fast delivery and pleasant emotions from the purchase!

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