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Halo Rings Diamond

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Over the past few years, a halo diamond ring has become a significantly more powerful player in the jewellery market. The secret of its success is simple to explain by its unique structure — thanks to a well-thought-out composition of pave-set gemstones, the center element does seem more voluminous and brighter. This visual illusion contributes to the purchase quality: by spending less on big crystals, you still achieve a gorgeous and eye-catching layout. The FJewellery collection of accessories complies with this tendency’s requirements, opting for a more subtle and noticeable look of the band’s profile.

Halo Ring Designs

The size is far from the only feature that makes halo bands special. A common diamond ring with halo is a jewellery piece where a central element is surrounded by large crystals. It can be formed to resemble a flower or a flat crown — everything depends on the materials and the jeweller’s mastership, creativity, and hardware guard. Here are some most popular layouts you may come across in both online and offline shops:

  • Round halo — it is the most classic and delicate design. Though it is rather standard, it won’t lose to more extravagant designs either in its functionality or in its beauty. For its gorgeousness, a fancy round halo ring usually serves as an engagement band.
  • Double — here we achieve even more luxurity and gorgeousness. Instead of one halo around the central stone, there are actually two of them. The brightness of this design is extraordinary. Yet, since the number of stones increases, customers should be careful about wearing it and ensure other accessories will suit it. For instance, crosses with gemstones will be a good choice.
  • Bands with side stones — aside from a halo, there are additional crystals that decorate the ring itself. In this case, the focus is slightly distracted from the central gemstone element, and people pay more attention to the metal part. Besides, side stones are a wonderful balance and don’t let metal strings look naked in front of a highly decorated foreground.
  • 3 halo rings — some people misinterpret the analyzed option as one possessing three halos around the central gemstone (no triples). In reality, there are three big crystals in the foreground, when two side ones are slightly small in comparison. All of them are surrounded by tiny gems. To not overwhelm your accessory wardrobe, stick to less decorated accessories like chains spiga and bracelets mariner layouts to highlight the clarity of three-halo bands.
  • Oval halo — several halo designs are named after the diamond cut of the central element, and this is just another promised sample. Oval diamonds are among the most popular and stylish layouts available for end users.
  • Eternity halo rings — these models combine the main peculiarities of the two single styles. There may be quite a few stones of the same size with extra diamonds inserted around them.

Halo diamond ring

Diamond Shapes

The uniqueness of halo rings with diamonds is predetermined by the gemstone cut. Naturally, radiant and heart shapes will cause absolutely different impressions and reflect unlike moods of the target recipient. Particular geometric patterns don't only have their own style and vibe. At the same time, they achieve properties that help them stand out among other stones:

  • Round;
  • Oval;
  • Cushion;
  • Pear;
  • Emerald;
  • Princess;
  • Marquise;
  • Radiant;
  • Assher;
  • Heart.

There are some exotic forms as well, including rose, baguettes, half moons, and some others. Differences in the gemstone lifespan and price make particular models more appealing in the eyes of interested audiences. Round halo gemstones are most preferable due to their durability and enormous light reflection skills. The list of the so-called popularity ranking sees princess cut as the champion, cushion and emerald shapes as bronze-medal owners.

Just a quick glance at the images and photos of models will tell you a lot about the style. Beautiful clusters are distinguished with their unique essences. That is why some models seem classic, while others are beloved by fashionistas who are passionate about experimenting with decorations.The ring itself may be the same, but even a slight change in the halo design will bring a fresh mood to the scene. So customers are better to think twice, trying to take critically not only their budget limitations, but their own preferences, versatility, and compatibility issues.

Diamond ring with halo


What is the most expensive diamond cut to order?

Whenever you want to buy beautiful halo bands, taking into account how much a design is to your liking is one thing. The way jewellery pieces look helps interested parties notice important criteria to define its quality and value. Though lots of models are available for sale and become rather cheap, the difference is not that obvious. Overall, round gemstones are at peak for their cost and functionality.

Is there any problem about investing into a rare diamond cut?

One of the rarest solutions is the royal asscher cut (especially if it isn’t transparent in its color). Known to the world since 1902, it has stood the test of time and won its rights for being among the most beautiful designs in this niche. The tag “rare” increases the price, but that is not the only factor to make you say “no”. Such formats require special care, and jewellers don’t have a lot of experience of working with non-standard materials. According to some surveys, there are just around seventy masters in the world who can boast of creating this cut flawlessly without difficulty. Its perfect symmetry is fascinating, but it requires the same perfection at different stages before buyers will be able to get this style at their disposal.

The Final Verdict

From minimalist silver halo engagement rings to luxurious white gold designs with twisted lines and additional gemstones like blue sapphires to make the image more attraction-grabbing, the FJewellery assortment of goods is capable of satisfying literally any demand. Along with the catalogue diversity, customers are benefited with a huge range of prices — the cost isn’t an obstacle to wear elegant accessories for ladies on the target finger on daily or special occasions.

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