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Solitaire Rings Diamond

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In the jewellery universe, even the most classic variant can be transformed and modified. A diamond ring solitaire layout is believed to be the best engagement band consideration. However, its brilliance and charm are worth wearing even if you are not in a long-term committed relationship. At the FJewellery online store, there is a wonderful collection of rings to satisfy any taste and budget requirement. Onward to the topic!

Solitaire in Jewellery

The iconic solitaire design includes just one gemstone and a metal ring. The preference is given to diamonds usually. The choice of metal isn’t that strict. Of course, there is a vast number of new and flash styles for her, which make a standard band solitaire ring a masterpiece. It is up to you how you want to wear this design, but its typical “place” is the fourth finger of the left hand. It does sound like an engagement, doesn’t it?

The impression depends on the perspective too. Combinations of such stones as sapphires and diamonds are second to none. The combination of transparent gems with the highest hardness and other colourful crystals is rarer than pieces with diamonds only, but it obviously stands for gorgeousness and wealth.

Checking what accessories are popular among celebrities and experts will guide beginners a bit. But if you don’t like huge rings like those solitaire bands of Kate Middleton, Lauren Conrad, Lady Gaga, Black Lively, it is high time to realize not-so-massive rings are marvelously attention-grabbing too. To pick up a soulmate solitaire ring is a decision influenced by a myriad of factors. Stay tuned to check which design aspects are better to bear in mind and consider during online shopping.

What Is the Best Carat Diamond?

The size of the stone is equally meaningful to the overall design of the accessory under consideration. Whether classic vintage or modern bands, this choice criterion also predetermines the lasting quality and so-called user-friendliness of the piece. If the stone is overly large and cumbersome to some extent, the target person may find it inconvenient for daily wearing. On the contrary, there is a concern that small and tiny gemstones will be lost and fat from eye-catching.

So is there a happy medium? First of all, it is important for customers to distinguish the difference between the diamond’s size and carat weight — they are not the same but are interrelated. The caratage is present in the range from 0.10 up to 5 and more. Naturally, the biggest stones amaze with their gloss and cost. Smaller pieces won’t disappoint and tend to be available at a more affordable price.

A sweet spot between the price and size is 0.70 carats. A central stone of these dimensions, decorated with less voluminous stones, is an elegant ring for different purposes. How much is a diamond carat then? The cheap price depends on several parameters, including the stone’s colour grade, size, and clarity. A minimalist style with side diamonds of a small diameter is pretty accessible for the majority of customers, especially when discounts and sale price tags are present.

To promise something big, you don’t have to invest a fortune into the largest gemstone. Everlasting love forever and ever after can only be benefited with the right accessory accents that suit the target recipient the best.

What Are Ring’s Shoulders?

Whenever a consumer wants to buy solitaire rings, they seek to know the specifications of the model like its diamond quality and materials applied. Apart from finding out the advantages and disadvantages of platinum, gold, and silver assortment positions, it is highly recommended to take a look at the construction of a single solitaire diamond ring itself.

In the jewellery world, the term “shoulder” is used to denote the spot between the band of the band and the gemstone setting. For novice buyers, this piece of knowledge will come in handy and will open the horizons of the accessories’ divergence, helping set the right priorities:

  • Straight — also known as parallel, this construction guarantees a modern and innovative vibe from the ring. The width of the shoulders is a constant feature in this case. Such bands are also likely to include less traditional diamond cuts in their layout. For instance, a solitaire band with straight shoulders and princess or square diamond cut is unusual yet beautiful and fancy.
  • Tapered — this layout involves metal lines that are slightly narrowing towards the central stone. Such a solution allows placing the right emphasis on the gemstone and makes it play the main role. It is preferable for small stones to create an obvious visual illusion by the contrast between the ring and stone sizes. Its special construction won’t cause any difficulties for resizing manipulations if required.
  • Channel — by some means, it is a modified version of the parallel shoulder layout. Instead of hollow zones, this one possesses diamond insertions. This style also boasts a unique approach to the tapering design, and the realization is the same as in the previous case. Depending on which shoulders are selected, the final impression will vary from elegant gorgeousness to modern strictness and delicacy.
  • Twisted — if you are searching for contemporary yet really tender layouts, this is quite a versatile and popular version. Not only is it suitable for numerous apparel styles and jewellery ensembles, but also it also leaves lots of room for creativity and improvisation for designers and jewellers, letting them encompass both the most expensive and delicate ring profiles.
  • Flared — that is a reverse option of the tapered band. Here we achieve a band with wide shoulders. For larger stones, this design guarantees a firm sit.
  • Claw set — it is a version of a halo ring when the central gem is decorated with smaller stones. If gemstones are covered with metal, it turns into an encrusted ring.
  • Double shoulders — just imagine a parallel shoulder design where each line is inserted with crystals. It looks amazing, doesn’t it? In comparison to simple images, this design may seem a bit overstock (definitely, it is pricey). In reality, these certified pieces don’t require any advertisement to stand out. They are great solo players and don’t need additional decorations to show off their beauty.

How Can I Match Solitaire Diamond Rings?

It sounds like an eternal question for everyone who has ever been interested in jewellery. It relates to other types of accessories as well, but there is good news — the majority of bands look gorgeous with both similar pieces or experimental designs out of a dedicated ensemble. Here are some ideas to consider:

  • Earrings gold coated — such accessories are a good opportunity for those who don’t have a huge budget. In this case, you will receive qualitative and affordable goods. Along with single diamond rings even with stud diamonds, these models create unique and well-balanced harmony and brilliance.
  • Bracelets square curb — if you want to follow the latest trends in the jewellery universe, then opt for non-traditional designs. Round cuts and forms are pretty sustainable and solid, but square formats are not less festive and vibrant.
  • Necklaces hamsa — for those who hesitate about whether it is the right decision to buy solitaire diamond rings not for engagement only, it is a great way out to prepare an ensemble as a gift. Though solitaire bands are mostly associated with pre-wedding ceremonies, that is definitely not the only purpose. And necklaces like these will help you reach the goal and make the present more personalized.


What is the meaning of solitaire bands?

It is for a reason the most typical and classic choice of an engagement ring — this ornament stands for eternity and timeless feeling.

What are the alternatives to round brilliant cuts?

If you are seeking unique designs, then oval and marquise formats are great to start. Solid shoulder rings with radiant and emerald cuts aren’t less tempting ideas. Non-round forms are thought to be more vulnerable to the influence of outer conditions and to have higher damage risks, but the right choice of shoulders will determine a stable and robust fit of the setting.

How should I choose the size of a diamond solitaire ring?

Here are two aspects to figure out. It is not a great problem to find out the target recipient’s finger size even without her knowing (asking her friends for assistance or taking her current accessories to measure). What matters is the decision on which finger she is going to wear a band. The tradition of wearing bands for engagement tells people to choose rings for the ring finger of their left hand. Depending on the country, this may differ. In general, such a design will look gorgeous on the middle and fourth fingers of both hands. Taking into account this band includes one or more diamonds, it is unlikely to be worn on the pinky finger or especially the thumb.

Where to Order

The option of a diamond band solitaire ring is naturally more divergent and special than it may seem at first. Though the choice of a gemstone is predetermined, the variety of craftsmanship approaches leads to a rich medium where compromises meet risky yet working decisions. It is a real joy to buy an accessory for her that suits her individuality and lifestyle as accurately as possible. If you fail to find a perfect match within our online catalogue FJewellery, feel free to contact us back. Thanks to cooperation with the most reputable suppliers in the UK market, there is still a high probability of finding what you are looking for.

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