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Three Stone Diamond Engagement Rings

Buy 3 stone diamond engagement rings in store FJewellery

An engagement is a day you want to fill with great excitement. When getting ready for such a day, a man looks for the most heartfelt words and also chooses a ring that is sure to please his bride-to-be. The FJewellery online shop offers amazing three stone diamond engagement rings that won't leave any woman indifferent.

The assortment of the store includes unique models for her, inlaid with diamonds:

  • A gorgeous 18ct white gold ring set with diamonds for those who are keeping up with the times. White gold is very popular these days. And no wonder that a ring made of this precious metal looks very beautiful and presentable. The model is made in the style of a halo. In the centre of the composition are three large emerald-cut diamonds. They are surrounded by a halo of small-big stones, turning into a path. The ring is stunning. It will look great on the finger and pair well with other white gold jewellery (spiga chains or other weave styles, diamond earrings, necklaces, etc.), as well as with silver and silver jewellery.
  • Pre-owned but very striking rings in yellow gold (18K) set with three diamonds. This model may be the choice of the woman who prefers antique jewellery. The rough or old cut diamonds give it an antique look. The rings have been professionally cleaned before going іn sale, so they look flawless. At the same time, they are cheap.

Why choose a 3 stone diamond engagement ring for your engagement

The tradition of giving a diamond engagement ring dates back to the 15th century. That was when Maximilian of Austria gave his bride Marie of Burgundy a ring with a large diamond. In the twentieth century, the famous jeweller Charles Tiffany invented a new setting for a diamond in a ring - 6 faintly visible prongs. Thus, the solitaire diamond was born. A ring with such a diamond looked very luxurious, as the crystal was given maximum access to light, which made it sparkle even more. Solitaire has since become the ideal choice for an engagement ring. And the diamond itself came to be regarded as a symbol of pure and deep feelings.

3 stone diamond engagement ring

At the beginning of the 20th century, another fashion trend emerged: the 'Princess Ring'. It was designs with 3-5 diamonds in a row. Today, rings with three gemstones are back in fashion. They are often given to the chosen ones for an engagement ring. This meaning seriousness of intentions. In addition, some women choose diamond engagement rings three stone for their wedding ceremony. In this case, three diamonds are considered the embodiment of the couple's past, present and future. You can wear such a ring with crosses with gemstones, and other jewellery with diamonds or cubic zircon crystals.

Where to buy an engagement ring

Of course, today it's easy to buy engagement and wedding rings, as well as other jewellery. Jewellery shops offer a huge selection of them. The FJewellery offers its services. You can save time searching for the right jewellery and buy it at a better price. You will find new and pre-owned jewellery on sale. The latter is notable for its low cost. At the same time, they are elegant and bear the mark of antiquity.

You can choose rings, nautical bracelets mariner and any other jewellery from the catalogue images. Each model is available on the website in several sizes. If your desired ring size is not available, you can call to order it. The company has its own jewellery workshop, where the order is fulfilled in the shortest possible time. A three-diamond ring is the best way to make your lady feel like a queen on her engagement day.

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