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Emerald Cluster Rings

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The emerald ring is a stylish and beautiful piece of jewellery. Both young girls and respectable ladies are happy to wear it. It is given for engagement, wedding anniversary and other occasions. The emerald is magnificently surrounded by diamonds.

The Emerald cluster ring looks amazing. The diamonds create an incredible play of light. The FJewellery online shop offers a huge selection of rings for those who love emeralds.

Features of emerald jewellery

The emerald is a gemstone of the highest value category. It is a symbol of life, wisdom and purity of thoughts. According to legend, the goddess of love Venus had an emerald ring. The ancient Egyptians believed it to be the sacred stone of Isis and believed it held magical powers. Today, the gem is believed to symbolise happiness and prosperity. Magicians say that emerald protects against negative energy and attracts good luck.

Everyone knows that emerald is a fascinating green colour. It comes in many shades. Each of them affects the value of the stone. Jewellers describe emeralds in terms of both hue and intensity of colour. Dark green crystals are considered to be the most valuable. Their price is comparable to the cost of diamonds. The quality of cutting and polishing the gemstone also has a direct impact on the price.

Emerald cluster ring

What about the design of emerald rings? There's a wide range of designs to choose from. The frame in this piece can be made of silver, gold or platinum. Emeralds go well with other gemstones. Emerald cluster rings are a jewellery classic. In the centre of this ring is an emerald surrounded by a halo of small diamonds. The diamond placer not only accentuates the beauty of the emerald but also makes it visually larger. This ring would look great with other diamond jewellery, such as drop necklaces.

The Cluster emerald ring can make a great engagement gift if your chosen one prefers jewellery with this gemstone. Tips to help you choose a ring:

  • a thin ring with a neat stone of small size is ideal for a young girl;
  • bright, active girls should choose a ring in a modern style;
  • the businesswoman's business attire will be complemented by a ring in a refined, laconic design;
  • extravagant ladies can complement their looks with a piece with a large gemstone or an entire bunch of gemstones;
  • when choosing a shade of gemstone, one should be guided by the colour of the eyes - brunettes will suit rich tones, blondes are better suited to transparent stones.

Each model of the emerald ring is beautiful and self-contained. This piece of jewellery pairs perfectly with slender chains and sophisticated bracelets. The earrings in yellow and white gold with emeralds or diamonds will look great in a set with a women’s ring.

Emerald rings in our online shop

You can buy jewellery online quickly and cheaply. It doesn't take long to choose a ring from the pictures in the catalogue. To order a piece of jewellery online is not difficult either. Our jewellery company's assortment of products can satisfy everyone's needs.

The FJewellery company offers a huge selection of classic and contemporary jewellery. Here you can find jewellery in silver and all gem-free gold, with diamonds, emeralds, rubies and other stones for sale. You can choose from:

The company has a jewellery workshop that is ready to make pieces of jewellery to order. It is convenient and profitable to cooperate with us. Just browse through the catalogue. We are sure you will find a piece of jewellery that appeals to you.

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