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Emerald Rings Three Stone

Buy 3 stone rings with emerald in store FJewellery

Jewellery with precious stones is in great demand. It's not just diamonds. For example, rings with emeralds look very elegant. They are admired and symbolise love and fidelity. For those who love emeralds, the FJewellery online shop suggests choosing an emerald 3 stone ring. It will accentuate your individuality and good taste.

A little about emeralds

The emerald is one of the most beautiful and noble stones. When it comes to popularity, it is second only to a diamond. The price of an emerald size 5 carat, which is flawless, can be higher than that of a diamond of the same size. Moreover, the darker the stone, the more expensive it is. This amazing stone is famous for its unique bright green colour, which only stands out against silver or gold. It has been worshipped for a long time.

Legend has it that the goddess of love Venus wore an emerald ring. The ancient Egyptians also believed in the magical power of the emerald, believing it to be the sacred stone of Isis. Queen Cleopatra of Egypt was a fan of gold rings with emeralds.

Modern magicians also believe in the sacred properties of emeralds. They claim that the powerful energy of the stone rid the wearer of negativity, keep their thoughts clear and their health strong. Many people use emerald as a talisman. They believe that the stone is a symbol of happiness and prosperity and protects against vices and evil thoughts.

Emerald Three stone Rings

An important feature of the emerald is its harmony with all precious metals. If you wear more than one piece of jewellery, you should also consider the compatibility of the stones. The emerald, for example, goes well with pearls. Therefore, if you wear cluster earrings, you can wear an emerald ring with them.

The bright green stone is always an eye-catcher, so choose your jewellery with it with care:

  • Bright girls who want to draw attention to them prefer rings in a modern style.
  • Modest young girls opt for slim rings with small stones.
  • The sleek, yet the concise design of the jewellery will enhance a businesswoman's sophisticated look.
  • Extravagant ladies treat themselves to a ring with a large stone.

Where to buy an emerald ring

Emerald jewellery is available in every jewellery company's catalogue. FJewellery online shop also offers them. Here you can buy three stone emerald rings, as well as other model rings with this exquisite stone. You can choose your jewellery from the images on the company's website. The assortment of the shop includes many jewellery pieces with and without other precious or semi-precious stones:

The company has a jewellery workshop, so if you do not find the jewellery you need in sale, you can call to order it.

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