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Ruby Cluster Rings

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With its mystical bright lustre, the ruby has the power to captivate anyone's heart. It is one of the most honourable gemstones used in the jewellery industry. A ruby is magnificent on its own, but when paired with a diamond it looks even more magnificent. That’s why ruby ​​cluster rings are especially popular. FJewellery offers a wide range of such rings, in which the passionate ruby is surrounded by small crystals of sparkling diamonds.

Why ruby ​​rings are so attractive

Ruby is a transparent mineral with an amazing crimson red colour. For a long time, it was the privilege of the rich and noble. Today, a ring with this gemstone is proof of good taste and wealth. This is not surprising, as the jewellery looks chic, and its value equals the price of a diamond. These stones were often used to encrust the crowns of rulers.

The ruby is believed to amplify the negative and positive aspects of its wearer and protect them from the evil eye. It was used to check whether the wine had been poisoned in ancient times. It was believed that if there was poison in the wine, the gem dropped into it would change colour. Christians often frame icons with rubies because it symbolizes the blood of Jesus. Therefore, many believers choose rings with rubies rather than diamonds for their wedding ceremony.

The ruby cluster ring is still a valuable piece of jewellery today, especially for women. It adds a touch of sophistication and nobility to any outfit. This piece of jewellery goes well with evening outfits. A ring with a small ruby can be chosen for every day.

Ruby looks great in a silver setting. But even in a white or yellow gold ring it looks gorgeous. Not all gemstones can be combined with a ruby. A diamond path or a halo of diamonds, on the other hand, will only add to its glamour. A model with this design is ideal for engagement.

Features of choosing a ruby ring

When choosing a ruby ring, you should follow the standard rules:

  • A narrow ring with a small stone is ideal for a young lady, but older ladies may prefer a wider ring with a larger stone.
  • A drop-shaped or pear-shaped ruby will add length to short fingers.
  • If the hand is wide, opt for a model with a wide bezel and a large oval ruby.
  • Avoid wearing a ring with a large, bright stone on narrow fingers. But pieces with small crystalline grains will look great.

The choice of jewellery with rubies should be approached with great care, given the gemstone's eye-catching colour. A ruby should go with the style, but there should not be too much red in the look. Do not wear many pieces of jewellery with rubies at the same time. One ring or set of earrings or a pendant with the same stone is enough.

Ruby cluster ring

Ruby rings in our online shop

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