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Russian Style Rings

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When it comes to jewellery, names usually reveal several peculiarities of particular designs, helping people distinguish one model from another. At the same time, there are plenty of terms that still seem ambiguous for beginners. While the associations with Celtic rings are relatively clear since this culture is more close and familiar, Russian rings remain a mystery for millions of potential customers. There are no complicated challenges on the way to understand their nature, and that is where the FJewellery experts do their best to introduce the glory of the recommended design. Onwards!

Benefits of Russian Rings

Choosing the right accessories isn’t only about selecting the most affordable or beautiful piece. Customers shouldn’t forget about how well the target model suits your personality, mood, other accessories, and appearance. These interlocking rings are advantages for many interested parties:

  • In the jewellery world, there is a significant difference between what is considered make and female. Russian rings are universal and will work for him and for her. If you are searching for accessories for a couple, don’t hesitate to pay more attention to all-metal pieces.
  • Since the Russian style ring is so universal, it is really matching to other designs. Whether you are going to accompany it by something like fancy earrings, pendants cupid models, or unisex chains, you will rock it.
  • Taking into account metals play the main role in the case of Russian ring performance at the scene, care and maintenance rules are simpler and easier to follow for beginners. The degree of accuracy and attention that gemstones require isn’t that severe.
  • The size and width of rings make the difference. With their help, you can control how they will fit. Such trio bands are great to buy for people with different skin and hand types. Thanks to good coverage and stylish accents, Russian rings will emphasize the beauty of large fingers. The owners of petite and short fingers won’t be disappointed too — the best look is guaranteed.

The Divergence of Styles

Russian rings are highly preferable solutions for wedding accessories. Their design has a deep meaning, implying a great trust, committed relationships between the two, and a bond between the past, the present, and the future. Not only are these pieces trinity rings in their nature, but their interlocking structure make them different from the majority of accessories for fingers in the market.

Russian Style Rings

Customers find it trendy and exciting to wear one ring instead of three different designs. It functions as an engagement, eternity, and wedding band at the same time. Knowing more about the variety of its models and design approaches will help you pick up the best solution for womens:

  • The most traditional layout includes three metal strings in one accessory. The attention is focused on the colour contrast between the elements, so the choice is usually given to white, rose, and yellow gold.
  • If you are looking for minimalism layouts, then bands with a single colour are at your disposal. One of the ways to make the purchase beneficial for your budget is to reduce the potential cost, so consider all three bands to be created from sterling silver, for instance.
  • Russian bands are everything about metal, so a lot of customers would prefer non-standard materials to classic precious ones. Please note that care and maintenance rules will vary depending on the type of metal.
  • Some styles don’t welcome additional personalization, but this isn’t the case. Russian bands have enough space for engraving and modifications. It is up to you to pick the most suitable symbolism — experts will help you discover safe, secure, and fast customization techniques.
  • Modern interpretations of Russian rings also take place. Usually, these bands consist of metal only, but more and more jewellers add airiness and voluminousness to the style by hollow zones in the layout. If you deal with a unique combination of metals, engravings, gemstones, and twist elements, a gorgeous and unusual result will undoubtedly reward your effort. Choose what is close to your liking the most.

Where to Order

The jewellery universe welcomes absolutely different designs. If you want to make your accessory meaningful and noticeable, you don’t have to spend a fortune or constantly check the items for sale, trying to find the most luxurious and eye-catching model ever.

The option of Russian rings is a promise to lead a happy and full life, and the absence of gemstones only contributes to the visual metal value. For those who want to remind others how gorgeous gold, platinum, and other metals are, the FJewellery online catalogue features guiding pictures and a rich assortment of styles at affordable prices. Visit our virtual store at your earliest convenience — our doors are opened around the clock.