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Sapphire Cluster Rings

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A gemstone ring is a luxurious gift every woman dreams of receiving. It does not have to be a diamond ring. Many people prefer coloured gemstones. One of the most coveted of these is the sapphire. Single-stone, three-stone or cluster sapphire rings are popular. You can buy these rings at the FJewellery online shop.

The sapphire ring is a jewel worthy of a queen

Sapphire was known in ancient times as the 'Stone of Heaven' because of its amazing blue colour. Today's jewellery industry offers a huge variety of jewellery with this fascinating stone. Sapphire rings are always on-trend. Their mesmerising beauty will not leave anyone indifferent.

A sapphire ring became especially popular thanks to Princess Diana.

To celebrate her engagement, she chose an 18-carat gold ring with a large oval sapphire encrusted with 14 diamonds. She loved sapphires, and the blue stone effectively highlighted the colour of her eyes.

Sapphires have long been a symbol of eternity, love and fidelity. Therefore, sapphire rings are not only given as engagement rings but are often chosen as wedding rings. The design of the ring can be varied. Jewellery can be inlaid with gemstones of various shapes (round, rectangular, square, oval, teardrop or pear-shaped) and in different shades and sizes. The cost of the finished piece depends not only on the size of the stone, but also on its colour, cut and other features.

Sapphire cluster rings

A sapphire ring is a versatile piece of jewellery. It is a testament to the refined taste and elegance of the wearer. The piece will go well with an evening dress as well as with a business or even casual style. You just need to choose the right model. To do so, just use the simple rules:

  • for a casual look, choose a delicate piece of jewellery with a small crystal;
  • for evening dresses, a more massive piece of jewellery with a large stone can be chosen to accentuate your status;
  • do not pair a sapphire ring with a blue outfit, against which the jewellery will be "lost".

The sapphire cluster ring looks very striking. A sapphire surrounded by a scattering of diamonds takes on a particularly charming appearance and looks visually larger. This is the ring many girls dream of getting for an engagement and married women dream of getting for their wedding anniversary and any other occasion. It will not only go well with outfits, but also with other jewellery with the same stone, with diamonds (for example, crosses with gemstones) or without stones (chains Spiga, etc.).

Where to buy a sapphire ring

Today's jewellery shop offers the widest assortment of jewellery, including sapphire rings and other gemstones. But, if you prefer shopping online, you can buy a ring now. You can choose from a catalogue. It contains not only images, but also a detailed description of each model. The concierge will help you choose your jewellery and is ready to answer your questions. You can order your item in just a few minutes, once you have clarified all the details.

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