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Engagement Solitaire Rings

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Is it the right moment to bring your commitment to a qualitatively new level? Whenever you are ready to ask your second half to marry you, the matter of the best engagement band arises. Putting all the considerations about the budget, engagement ring solitaire designs are definitely worth taking into account. They are classic solutions, that’s true. Don’t forget there are several reasons for that. Fashionable and elegant, their compatibility and suitability are second to none. Just take a look at the assortment provided by FJewellery and see for yourself.

Contemporary vs. Classic Styles

Solitaire rings for engagement aren’t all the same. The tension is raised and more trouble occurs. Just a few images on our website will prove how wide the range of bands is — from artcarved and huge models to tapered yet simple layouts. While the materials and gemstones can coincide, the two models will create unique vibes if the single details (like the diamond cut) differentiates. There are two approaches to make the right decision. On the one hand, you can switch on the filters and stick to the planned budget. On the other hand, you can scroll down the catalogue page with solitaire bands without any beforehand adjustments to see what models are there in general:

  • Vintage — this category is suitable for those who adore charming yet elegant jewellery. Though history repeats itself and myriads of modern trends were already popular once, it doesn’t give an exact understanding of the most beloved options in different epochs. When it comes to vintage bands, minimalism is far from the right description. If the gemstone isn’t large, the design is created with side accents to preserve the high attraction. The tradition of bands for engagement revealed its powers in the times when gold and halo designs fueled the market. An ornate filigree with floral and leaf patterns is natural for Edwardian rings. Opt for the section with second-hand goods for their inexpensive divergence.
  • Traditional — single engagement rings are believed the most classic solution to go for. With nothing superfluous in the style, this design is captivating and attention-grabbing. Probably, they are the most delicate options in the market. Additional pieces of jewellery can be used as their enhancers.
  • Minimalism — bands from this category are often confused with traditional layouts, but there are some important differences. You aren’t going to see wide shoulders here, non-standard types of gemstone cut, or swirl metal additions. Flat forms without large elements are more characteristic.
  • Modern — these custom styles are hard to describe with one word. From fancy to dainty layouts, they may be either as simple as possible or beautiful in their maximalism. Several models possess twisted metal elements, which increase the overall rings’ charm.

Engagement Ensemble for Her

Typically, customers think about the choice of a ring only. The decision to order extra pieces that match in style and mood will only serve for the better and leave unforgettable impressions on the future bride-to-be:

  • Rings masonic — these layouts aren’t included in the top 3 list of accessories to appear in your mind. But that’s the key to maintain the unexpectedness and happiness of the event, adding more unique and amazing details. Taking into account the band’s meaning (a symbol of loyalty to particular beliefs and values), this design is welcome to be selected for him as a partner ring to a solitaire one.
  • Infinity rings — a person isn’t obliged to wearing engagement and wedding bands only. The layout under analysis is capable of contributing to the hidden senses of these accessories. For couples who experience committed relationships, this is a symbol of everlasting love and support.
  • Earring tri colour pieces — what can be better than non-standard designs for non-typical rings? The obvious choices for solitaire bands are platinum and diamonds. When the number, tone, shape, and quality of stones differentiate from the original plan (sapphire or rubies, tanzanite with gold and silver, etc.), then the earrings under recommendation are worth it.
  • Bracelets gate units — of course, rings aren’t the only accessories to emphasize the target lady’s beauty and fashion styles. For example, bracelets with the mentioned chain type look really sound and harmonious with solitaire rings. Different designers find it best to accompany such bracelets with elements of a big meaning and value — the closure in the form of a lock with a key.

How to Pick Up a Perfect Size

The choice of a band usually seems a bit hassle and bustle, especially when the measurements have to be done without her knowing. Luckily, her friends or relatives would be glad to assist you. There are standard recommendations on how to select the right fit just with the help of a ruler and a strip of paper or thin rope. Each model from our catalogue has size charts with pictures, so the process is simplified as much as possible.

Whenever you decide which size is the most appropriate solution to wear daily, stick to the following as well:

  • Please note that the finger dimensions aren’t axioms — they are fluctuating figures that are changed during the day and depending on the conditions. For instance, if you wear heavy bags, your hands will be a bit swollen and therefore larger, which prevents the right choice of the solitaire ring. Physics laws work even if we don’t really pay attention to them, and your fingers, when they are warm or cold, will also differ. From this perspective, it is also advised to take measurements when the target person is relaxed and her hands are warm.
  • Any person’s hands aren’t the same too. In the case of engagement rings, the placement is predetermined already, but it is still a mistake to forget about the fact that a dominant hand is 100% bigger. The differences may not be huge, but they are enough to make you pick up different bands for the same finger on the right and left hand. Since a single solitaire engagement ring has lots of chances to be worn on both hands, assure the size will be appropriate for any potential scenarios here.
  • Don’t forget to consider the form and structure of the target individual’s hands. If she has knuckles which dimensions are larger than the finger’s base itself, it would be a mistake to use standard rules of how to measure fingers for bands. In this case, the widest point of the knuckle is to be determined. The final solution is likely to be a happy medium between these two measurements.
  • As already highlighted the sizes of fingers vary, so taking a couple of trials to define the perfect match will help enthusiasts stay on the safe side. It also promotes a greater accuracy degree.
  • If your second half already possesses a ring, that will come in handy and let you determine the size by defining the inside diameter of what she wears. The results may be a bit inaccurate, but it is still better than nothing.


How much should I spend to buy solitaire ring engagement perfection?

The prices for a couple vary. The reason for that is the preference for particular types of metals and gemstones. Naturally, a silver band with cubic zirconia will be more affordable than a solution made of platinum and diamond. The main thing to bear in mind is that the cost doesn’t really matter, and purchasing a cheap option wouldn’t equal underestimating your second half or not loving her that much. There are some theories that make customers spend a two-month salary on the ring. In reality, bands for sale that suit her personality and lifestyle are much better than the most advertised trend with the biggest stones on hand.

What should I do if the ring size is wrong?

In this case, a lot depends on whether it is too small or loose. If the first option is right, then you can try to wear the chosen on finger that is next to the original consideration. For those who face the second issue, it is possible to fit the piece without resizing — with the help of sizing beads or spring inserts, for instance. Apart from applying to professional jewellers for assistance, you are welcome to contact the service providers too.
There are some bands that can’t be resized, but that is usually not related to solitaire models. However, you should understand that any further manipulations may weaken the unit, though the risks are minimized thanks to the masters’ professionalism.

Should engagement rings for him and for her be the same?

Solitaire bands are gorgeous for women and aren’t typical choices for men. Modern fashion dictates more freedom nowadays from this perspective — the main parameter is your comfort, rather than someone’s beliefs and preferences. The two will be those “demanded” to wear rings they don’t really like, and nobody wants that. Your own tastes and orientations are of the most importance. Don’t be afraid to be original and choose models that are close to your heart’s content.

Wrap It Up

Plain or unusual, unique or classic — what solitaire rings for engagement do seem the most captivating and tempting for you? Regardless of what your final shopping decision would be, FJewellery is always there to provide reliable services for you to get the dream band as soon and effortlessly as possible. Our online shop offers several discounts and promotions for the most popular models of our assortment. Don’t hesitate to check it out!

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