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Engagement Three Stone Rings

Buy 3 stones engagement rings in store FJewellery

Everyone has their own choice of engagement rings. Some people prefer standard laconic jewellery without designer frills, while others opt for more original pieces of jewellery. The choice of jewellery is huge and suit all tastes. These are solitaire rings with an amazing diamond, engagement rings with three stones and rings of all kinds of braided gold in different colours and so on.

The FJewellery offers a wide range of rings for all occasions: as a gift, for yourself, for weddings and engagement rings including engagement ring three stone. Here you can find:

  • wedding sets of rings (engagement and wedding) for her;
  • single solitaire rings;
  • classic wedding rings made of different types of gold;
  • cluster rings – items decorated with a pattern of a group of stones;
  • three stone engagement rings with diamonds or other precious stones, including colored ones and their combinations.

The company catalogue has many other ring styles to choose from for your wedding celebration. If you want to buy jewellery at the most affordable price, you can find pre-owned models here. The company's jewellers clean them thoroughly. The jewellery is then indistinguishable from new. The uniqueness of such a purchase is that you are buying a ring with a story.

You can also find on sale earrings without a gemstone or with it as well as necklaces, bracelets, crosses, chains, etc. You will find a large assortment of engagement rings with 3 stones:

  • An inexpensive but very beautiful silver ring with three cubic zirconia crystals. It's cheap, but it looks flawless. The emerald cut gives the crystals not only a sleek look but also increased durability. The ring is available in two versions - one with clear crystals and the other with a large yellow stone in the centre.
  • Elegant thin white gold ring (18K). The model is designed in the style of a halo. The three main emerald-cut diamonds are surrounded by smaller stones. The latter make a stone path around the base of the piece. This is a real gourmet dainty.

Unique pre-owned yellow gold rings with rough or old cut diamonds.

The catalogue`s pictures allow you to order your jewellery online without having to visit jewellery shops.

Features of the choice of wedding rings

The tradition of exchanging wedding rings has very deep roots. It has changed many times over the centuries and so have the rings. In the last century, for example, traditional plain yellow gold rings, without stones, were used at weddings. Today, the choice of wedding rings is much wider. They can be made from different types of precious metals. White gold rings are particularly popular these days. And no wonder, as they look stunning.

Engagement rings with three stones

As far as design is concerned, there are no strict limits either. Each couple chooses their jewellery according to their own preferences and capabilities. In the past, a couple's ring design had to be the same. Today, this requirement is not relevant. Therefore, a luxurious ring with stones can be chosen for the bride and a more laconic design for the groom. Still, it's best to choose rings made of the same materials and in the same style. For example, if the bride chooses a white gold ring with three diamonds, the groom can buy rings diamond signet.

When choosing a ring, it is very important to choose the right size for the product. It should fit comfortably on your finger. But you will need to put some effort to twist it. Otherwise, you risk losing your jewellery quickly. And if the ring has stones, it will twist and get in the way when it fits loosely.

What a three-stone ring symbolises

Rings have been associated with certain meanings since their inception. Rings symbolised power, belonging to a particular caste or brotherhood. The ring was also considered a symbol of infinity. The wedding ring became a symbol of a strong marriage bond. The diamond crowning the solitaire ring symbolised depth and purity of feeling, etc.

A ring with three stones also has its own meaning:

  • An engagement ring with a gemstone is believed to bring wealth and prosperity to the family.
  • Diamonds and other transparent minerals symbolise sincerity and purity of feeling.
  • Three stones at the top of the wedding ring - a symbol of the past, present and future. In this case, the centre stone corresponds to the current relationship, while with side stones symbolise the past and future. This ring could also make a great wedding anniversary gift.

By the way, a three-stone ring is the best gift for a young mother on the birth of her first-born child. It can mean a happy family (mum, dad and baby). When choosing a ring as a gift for your beloved, you can give it a certain meaning. And let this symbol be meaning specifically to your couple.

How do you become the owner of a beautiful ring? The answer is simple. Come in and pick up your ring here at FJewellery. Here you can choose and buy engagement rings, wedding rings and any other jewellery (rolo chains and any other style, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, etc.). You can buy items separately or choose a set of jewellery in the same style. The company also has its own workshop, so they accept individual orders. You can also place an order if your ring size is out of stock. Contact the shop manager before placing your order and discuss all the details. It won't take long to complete your order. But don't take any chances and place your order in advance. We'll get right down to it.

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