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Mother's Day Three Stone Rings

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Jewellery is the best gift for any event or holiday. This choice is most often made by men to please their beloved. But there is a special category of women who deserve the best gifts and attention. These are mothers.  Mother's Day is a great occasion to please those who gave us the dearest thing - life, who will love and take care of us until the last breath. The company FJewellery online shop offers mothers ring 3 stones and many other pieces of jewellery for the holiday of the dearest woman in the world.

What kind of jewellery to choose for your mum

Mum will surely be delighted with any gift you can give her, as your attention is the first thing she cares about. And of course, jewellery is a win-win option in this case.

You know your mum's preferences, so it's easy to make the right choice:

  • If her ears are pierced, you can choose beautiful earrings. These can be Huggies earrings or sleek, modern-style earrings.
  • A universal option is a pendant on a chain. It can be in the form of a heart, zodiac sign, first letter of the name, etc.
  • Another option, which suits almost everyone, is a gold or silver chain with a cross. If mum has a preference for original jewellery, it could be, for instance crosses Celtic - a symbol of wisdom and a talisman against evil forces.
  • An elegant gold bracelet with ornate intertwining or small gemstones can also make a great gift. The jewellery will add grace to a woman's hand and highlight her graceful curves.
  • Spectacle necklaces with pearls or cubic zirconia crystals could be an equally interesting gift.
  • And, of course, the ring. Today, jewellers offer a huge variety of rings. Among them: jewellery without precious stones, but with an interesting design, classic solitaire rings with one central stone, a ring with three stones, whole scatterings or paths of precious stones. But to avoid disappointment, it's worth knowing the right ring size for your mum beforehand.

But great care should be taken when choosing jewellery. It is important to consider not only preference, but also age, clothing style and other features. For example, if the neckline shows age, you shouldn't draw attention to it with a colourful pendant. But a properly selected ring will accentuate elegance and femininity at any age.

3 stone silver ring

Three stone mothers rings

Let's take a look at the three-stone ring model for her. Why is this ring a symbolic gift for mum?

A ring with three stones is a classic that is always relevant. There are different versions of the meaning of the three stones crowning the top of the jewellery. One of the most famous was proposed by De Beers, the diamond market leader. According to her, the three stones are a symbol of the past, present and future. Another interpretation is used when the ring is given to a young mother after the birth of her first-born child. In this case, three stones are a symbol of a happy family - father, mother and child. Even though you are no longer a child, your gift will warm a mother's heart, reminding her of the happiest days in her life.

Most often, these rings are inlaid with diamonds. The combination of diamonds with other stones, such as sapphires, is also very striking. They complement each other perfectly, making the jewellery shine even brighter.

3 stone mother's birthstone ring in the online shop

How often we complain that we don't have enough time to spend with our loved ones. Buying a gift for your mum online allows you to spend more time with her. At the same time, the gift itself will cost you cheaper than in a jewellery shop.

The FJewellery online shop offers a wide assortment of jewellery at an affordable price. You can choose a ring or other product in the catalogue, which contains images of all the jewellery that you can buy in the shop. If there is no ring of the size you want in sale, it can be ordered. The company's jewellers will promptly fulfil your order at the best possible price.

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