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Silver Plain Crosses

Buy simple crosses made of silver in FJewellery online

When it comes to jewellery, silver is one of the most frequent choices. Fashionistas are fond of this material for its shining and delicate surface texture, while manufacturers appreciate it for its visual compatibility with other metals and gemstones. FJewellery is happy to present a rich collection of simple sterling silver plain cross pendants for any taste and demand. This idea for a gift for different holidays is captivating, isn’t it? Keep on reading to reveal its inner beauty.

Cross Silver Compatibility

Plain silver crosses, either small or large, have a wonderful potential to diversify your accessory ensemble and make it look luxurious and stunning. In general, these pendants can work with the following catalogue models:

  • Earrings stud options — if you are looking for an option to create a bit naive and cute impression from your today look, that is the right shot.
  • Necklaces cross designs — silver chains have to be twice bigger to avoid the risk of breaking under the pressure of the cross itself. By other means, you need to ensure their style appropriateness, and that’s it.
  • Minimalist ringssimple silver crosses will highlight how delicate and elegant plain rings for her are. Since they are usually lightweight, the cheap price will be more than a worthy cost to spend.

About Silver Alloys

Sterling silver and silver may seem quite confusing. Although some customers refer to the same notions by applying these two terms. However, that would be a mistake. Let's take a look at how these jewellery layouts differ from each other:

  • When we talk about pure silver, the material with an almost one hundred percent metal content. Because of this composition feature, it is too soft for use in jewellery without any inclusions. So this material is often mixed with other metals to give it greater hardness.
  • Adding corper in the alloy will result in the creation of sterling silver. This action allows bringing new specifications to the composition, making it into a more durable material. Normally, its purity reaches 92.5%.
  • Of course, there are materials which offer a lower purity of metal. One of the alternatives is known as mint silver.

Wrap It Up

The FJewellery shop presents our assortment with photos and images to ensure online shopping won’t prevent you from getting a live impression from a particular piece. It has never been simpler to buy brilliant jewellery ensembles for any occasion!