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Silver Hoops Earrings Cubic Zirconia

Buy silver hoop earrings with cubic zirconia in store FJewellery

Are you looking for true style icons? Do you want to stand out from the company? F Jewellery silver cubic zirconia hoop earrings are perfect for this purpose. This timeless model is the greatest classic among women and men. Your face will look different with these earrings!

Circle earrings – large choice of models available

It may seem that all sterling silver cz hoop earrings are circular in shape, forming a stylish frame for her.

In addition to the circular shape, they can differ in everything. Starting in size - the larger the diameter of the circle of the earring, the more likely it is to be accidentally snagged and broken. Remember to take your earrings off or choose a smaller size before playing sports or engaging in other strenuous physical activity. Depending on our preference, you can choose the model that is most comfortable for you.

Unique silver circle earrings – perfect for any occasion

Amateurs of silver hoop earrings wear their favourite earring model for any occasion - they are so versatile and have invisible clasps – to work, a sumptuous dinner, an important family celebration, to meeting for a cup of coffee with a friend. Such jewellery is worn by both older, mature ladies and young girls.

Inside out earrings - always fashionable

Women like to combine pendants cubic zirconia with hoop earrings, a perfect shape without beginning or end. They represent perfection - complete harmony and an endless closed circle, called the complete circle of life. The spherical shape has inspired and continues to inspire architects, interior designers and jewellers today. This geometrically perfect form is also reflected in the designs of our brand earrings.

Silver earrings - a perfect gift at affordable prices

Our brand specialists take care about the perfection of execution, using contemporary technologies, and fashionable designs to satisfy different tastes of customers. Are you wondering what to buy your mom for Mother's Day? Or you are looking for a cheap gift for a friend? The advantage of our earrings for women is the possibility to create individual compositions (e.g. with necklaces Swarovski), which give the possibility to give free rein to your imagination when you create earrings for a gift. Thanks to our products you will create a composition to match the preferences of the recipient.

How to choose earrings to match my face shape?

Every woman has her own face type, which matches the selected types and styles of earrings. In fashion, there is a division into several face shapes:

  • round;
  • triangular;
  • square;
  • oval.

Before choosing the shape of earrings, it is worth finding out what type of face we have and which earrings fit it, in order to find the perfect one in which you will be comfortable. When choosing them, let us remember our intuition, which will best tell us which model is made for us.

  1. Elongated, dangling earrings into ear, even long ones, are a good solution for round faces with short foreheads. Their purpose is to slim the face. All angular geometric or irregular forms, elongated ones, suit it.
  2. For a triangular face characterized by a narrowing on the chin and wider cheekbones, choose short earrings that optically add volume to the lower part of the face.
  3. Round earrings are suitable for a square face, with a wide forehead and lower jaw, which are designed to soften the square face contour and round it.
  4. All styles of earrings are suitable for an oval face. Correct and balanced proportions characterize it. If you are a lucky owner of this shape, then you can choose earrings from the entire assortment.

Delicate earrings with cubic zirconia are irreplaceable in the catalogue of these products. These wonderfully sparkling crystals add an elegant charm to everyday style.

Luxurious silver earrings with gemstone inserts are suitable both for business meetings and for an everyday style.

Girls all over the world love silver and gold earrings; they emphasise and highlight their natural beauty. F Jewellery enthusiastically makes them from the highest quality ore and crystals, they do not cost too much, and their style satisfies the tastes of contemporary and fashionable women.

Cubic Zirconia
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