Silver St. Christopher Pendants

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Is there a universal piece of jewellery that will suit both men's and women's of any age? Yes, sure! One of the most successful gifts is a silver St Christopher pendants. It is given as a talisman to all who need protection. The FJewellery online shop offers a huge range of these pendants in different designs and for any occasion.

Product Features

Silver jewellery carries a certain touch of charm. They fascinate and conquer with their even lustre. Due to the properties of the metal, the piece is quite resistant to external influences and solid. Perhaps this is why sterling silver jewellery is so popular. There is even a pendant that looks like a small piece of the silver ingot for passionate fans. And the sterling silver St Christopher pendant takes pride of place among silver amulets.

St. Christopher Pendants made of Sterling Silver

Everyone has heard the legend of Saint Christopher. He helps people to cross the big river. One day he was transported to the opposite bank of little Jesus Christ. Since then, all those who need protection began to turn to. All travellers. Today, Saint Christopher patronizes everyone, regardless of the nature of the activity. Some groups, such as surfers, have made it a piece of cult jewellery. It became very popular among those who conquered the waves at the turn of the 50s and 60s of the last century.

Our shop has a vast selection of models. Among them, there are several types of design:

  • Openwork pendants. In this case, a three-dimensional figure of a saint is located in a silver ring, holding a little boy on his shoulder. This piece looks very airy. It goes well with silver jewellery made in the same style.
  • Silver plates of round, oval or rectangular shape. They feature a bas-relief of a saint with a baby on his shoulder. Such pendants can be double-sided or single-sided.

Jewellery can be encrusted with gemstone. It will give a special appeal. You can find a chain of any type of weaving and size or a bracelet in the shop. It will allow you to wear this pendant on the neck or your wrist.

The cost of such jewellery is quite low, especially when compared with the price of a gold pendant. Therefore, you can buy not only it but also a chain.

Can I give an amulet for a holiday? You choose! It can be Birthday, Anniversary, Dad's or Mom's Day, St. Valentine's, New Year's, Christina's. Or for no reason. Just because you want Saint Christopher to help your loved one.

Buying a silver pendant online

Such jewellery is quite simple to buy online. You do not need to know the size, length, or other parameters to do this. You can browse through the FJewellery online shop's catalogue and choose your model according to the quality pictures and descriptions. In addition, you can find in sale at an attractive price:

The shop’s assortment is extensive. You will definitely find something that suits you.