Silver Three Stone Rings

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Silver is one of the most famous materials on the planet. The jewellery made of this metal is very popular. As a rule, they are chosen by those who prefer simplicity and sophistication in everyday looks. A silver ring is a great gift for any occasion. Some couples choose these rings for their wedding ceremony or as engagement rings. In the latter case, a 3 stone silver ring would be an excellent choice. FJewellery online shop offers a wide selection of silver jewellery to create a stylish look.

Features of silver rings

Here you will find men's rings and exquisite silver jewellery for her.
Also in the sale are three stone silver rings of different designs. White or coloured cubic zirconia is the best finish for silver rings. This artificially created crystal is visually very similar to a diamond, so it is often used to create cheap, but very beautiful jewellery.

3 stone silver ring

Many people are afraid to buy silver jewellery. They are concerned about the tendency of this precious metal to oxidize. But this is characteristic of pure silver (999 standards). It is soft and darkens over time, losing its attractive shine. Today, jewellers use silver to make rings and other jewellery. It is 925 sterling silver. It is an alloy that consists of:

  • 92.5% pure silver,
  • 7.5% - impurities that give it hardness and resistance to oxidation.

Sterling Silver is a dazzling white alloy. It is strong and durable, and it retains a flawless appearance. Over time, a dark tarnish may appear, but it is very easy to get rid of it. This can be done simply by wiping the ring with a special jewellery cloth.

The sterling silver 3 stone ring goes well with white gold jewellery as well as with ruthenium necklaces and other rhodium- or ruthenium- coated jewellery.

Where to buy a silver ring

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