Silver & Gold Lockets & Pendants

Lockets are a beautiful, sentimental gift that can be worn every day. They are the perfect gift to give anyone in your family. From your sister, to your mother, to your daughter and even to your partner. They offer sentimental value on top of being a beautiful gift that can be worn happily day after day. A locket necklace needs a picture (or two) inside, so before you give your beautiful heart locket necklace to your loved one, take the time to place photos of people they cherish the most inside. The locket is one of the best gifts to make their hearts melt and to give them something beautiful that they can wear every day. 

Lockets are the perfect gift for any occasion. A birthday, Christmas, an anniversary – they are even the perfect choice for a graduation gift. No matter who you give it to or what the occasion is, if you want something that will bring a tear to their eye, then a locket necklace is the way to go. We are always on the hunt for new designs and styles from UK suppliers and workshops, and also source jewellery from the public. All items are vetted for quality, cleaned, and prepped before being listed, so you can choose from quality items throughout the UK.