Birthstone Rings

Many people believe that wearing your birthstone helps you to harness and embrace your inner strengths and talents, to feel more confident, and to fearlessly be who you truly are. Along with all that, the vast majority of birthstones are exceptionally beautiful and help to add an extra special, personal touch to any piece of jewellery. As such, birthstone rings, in particular, make for a wonderful gift that is perfect for any occasion.

Considering that a birthstone signifies the month in which a person was born, it makes sense to invest in birthstone rings as a birthday gift for a loved one. While rings in general always make for well-received gifts, birthstone rings make them all the more heartfelt and thoughtful. You simply cannot go wrong!

Currently, F Jewellery is proud to stock the following stunning birthstone rings:

  • January birthstone rings: Those born right at the beginning of the year will be sure to appreciate the deep red Garnet featured in their jewellery.
  • March birthstone rings: The traditional birthstone for individuals born in March is the Aquamarine, so named due to its oceanic, cool blue colour.
  • June birthstone rings: Classically beautiful and elegant, June babies get to wear the pretty Pearl as their birthstone. July birthstone rings: The birthstone for those born in July is the sultry, red Ruby. August birthstone rings: The lime green Peridot is reserved for those born in August, and is often hailed for its natural healing powers.
  • September birthstone rings: The deep blue Sapphire is the birthstone for those born in September.
  • October birthstone rings: October babies have the privilege of claiming the Opal gemstone, and its unique pink undertones, as their own.
  • November birthstone rings: People born in November claim the warm, orange Topaz as their birthstone.
  • December birthstone rings: The gorgeous Tanzanite gem is the birthstone for December. Its rich blue colour really helps it to stand out.