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New & Pre-Owned Jewellery Collection in "FJewellery" online-store UK

Frequently, visiting dozens of local shops and looking through several catalogues from well-known brands seems more than irritating, challenging, and annoying. With services from our online jewellery shop, make your dreams come true here and now!

Our specialization lies in the fields on new and pre-owned accessories. We are aimed at turning contemporary and delicate, classy and premium models into accessible pearls for customers of different budgets. The diversity of models allows selecting the best out of the biggest range of units for birthdays, anniversaries, parties, and similar holidays and occasions.

Pre-owned Jewellery

We are looking forward to complementing your appearance and style with casual flower or butterfly chains, most popular exquisite rhodium rings, as well as benefit you with charming baby cross pendants and very reliable bridal jewellery that requires no pathetic descriptions in our boutique. Our presentation boxes are an icing on the cake for your perfect gift for beloved hearts.

Rich Assortment for Any Demand

If you are searching for your ultimate destination to shop for precious items online, then "FJewellery" is worth considering. It is the place of elegant and stylish, simple and modern, fine, famous and unique designs to satisfy any taste and mood. Either you are interested in women’s or men’s pieces or you are going to purchase something fancy and cute for your children — just surf through the page and find the best match.

Jewellery for Her, Him & Child

Please be informed that we cooperate with several reputable suppliers and workshops, so the quantity and quality of deals present on the main domain are regularly updated and modified. Not only do our specialists focus on sourcing together the latest trends in the classic accessory fashion world, but it is our aim to avoid both under- and overestimating of our deals to prepare the lowest price on the market. In turn, the palette of solid gold, upscale silver, platinum, and other metals with or without gems or similar additional peculiarities is looking forward to seeing their owners wholeheartedly.

We are not chasing for eternal glory or the status of trend-setters. Our goal is simpler and more complicated at the same time. We are here to understand your insight wishes and satisfy your objectives and goals. In its real state, a valuable jewellery piece is just a beautiful object, and people are those who bring more emotions and thus value to it.

As a mediator between your demand and supply, we are lucky to represent an excellent assortment of golden rings, women pendants, men’s signets, and much more. Just check it out!


From budget-friendly options to fine models to shine at a red carpet event, these solutions are intended to last and delight the eye and soul:

  1. Eternity rings — in modern trendy times, accessories of the type are perceived as gifts for anniversaries frequently, but nobody denies its use as a wedding ring. As in any similar matter, it is up to you to conclude. There are several couples which prepare both separate engagement and wedding bands, so this one can be placed right in-between.
  2. Cluster — for beginners in the field, here is a small explanation. A pretty cluster setting is a set of smaller stones, mainly diamonds, which are organized close together in order to create an illusion of a larger gemstone. This solution will do well for older generations and those who love geometric shapes to be included in layout design.
  3. Engagement — once the two loving hearts decide to unite their destinies, a lot of things have to be sorted out and solved. Making a process of choosing the ring with comfort fit or any other style just for your expectations effortless and hassle-free is a dream for brides and grooms around the world, regardless of their age and occupation. Don’t miss this opportunity to pick up your soulmate and meaningful love symbol with us!
  4. Dress — this collection will suit those who are eager to find gorgeous rings and not less than that. White gold pieces with never-to-be-outdated diamonds are to help you be a rocking star in every society and company. Once again, don’t be afraid this offer is out of your budget. Check our website to come across beneficial promotions and discounts.
  5. Trilogy — in several ideologies and beliefs, the number 3 is considered as the perfect one. If you would like to purchase a symbolic gift to show off your sincerest feelings to the recipient, a trilogy ring will illustrate the sense of mutual understanding between the two, as well as wisdom and harmony in the relationship.
  6. Signet — it is a common stereotype that signets will suit men only. Such a universal accessory is to be selected for women and kids as well, and our assortment helps you score this goal easier and more efficiently. If you are looking for something posh and not common at the same time, this unit will become the right shot. It is believed that signets should be worn on the little finger of your non-dominant hand, but the rules and customs aren’t that strict nowadays. There are several sizes available, so pick up one you need.

Engagement & Weddind Rings


What is the best way to emphasize your attractiveness? How to feel confident in any outfit and style, if something seems lacking? Is it possible to demonstrate your marvelous sense of style without investing a sterling fortune into your wardrobe objects? The answer is absolutely clear and obvious — let your shine like a diamond with perfect earrings from "FJewellery".

We are focused on downloading only high-dimensional photos and pictures of our models. If online shopping is the right fit in your case, then this feature will contribute to your customer experience greatly. Just imagine that you look at the picture online and can see the real appearance of this or that unit without any significant effort. No Photoshop or middle-line adjustments are applied to make the web’s pieces look bigger, “faster”, “stronger”.

From studs to drop earrings, dangles and hoops, leverbacks and English locks — such a wonderful choice will be done, regardless of which unit will be selected at the end.

Perfect Earrings

For those ladies who would prefer to admire their earrings even more, it would be a nice idea to pick up models and crystal stones. Apart from cubic zirconia and emerald models, here are some of the opportunities to find your reflection in the mirror delightful and not-surprisingly cool:

  • Ruby — such models are the very detail that makes any image complete and put the right emphasis in your unique style.
  • Tanzanite — this stone is suitable for special occasions, and earrings with its (as well as other accessories like necklaces to finish the ensemble) is the best decision for every taste and affluence. Large stones will work great for evening gowns especially. Please note this type doesn’t like temperature fluctuations (that means you should refuse wearing it when going to sauna, for instance) and acidic environments. Caution is required when using decorative cosmetics (no contact with chemicals). When taking a bath or shower, jewelry with tanzanite should be removed.
  • Sapphire — it is a variety of corundum, a mineral and crystalline aluminum oxide. By endowing a person with the ability to think, self-control, willpower, and authority, the mineral helps them organize their work optimally. This is an excellent talisman for leaders. Taking into account sapphires can be of varied colours, including pink, black, green, yellow, and white, it is as simple as ABD to select one that suits your type and tone of skin.
  • Topaz — thanks to their wide variety of colours and relatively cheap cost, topazes are incredibly popular among jewelers. Most topazes undergo refining procedures, which involves irradiation and heat treating the crystals to make them richer in tone. Swiss blue topaz accessories are especially beloved by our female consumers.
  • Amethyst — this stone represents purity and devotions. It is a symbol of sincerity and peace of mind. Small pieces with the material of the kind will suit daily outfits and increase their elegance to the full.

Office Dress-Code

Bracelets & Chains

Designer jewellery contains not only rings and earrings — the variety of pieces goes further and farther. Gold and silver, curb links, CZ bracelets, bangles, Figaro kinds chains - why not select something extraordinary but so much beautiful? In fact, finding a stylish and perfectly fitting attribute is not difficult. We recommend paying attention to the following:

  1. Hand and wrist proportions - a harmonious look depends on this parameter heavily. The thinner the hand, the smaller accessories will suit — why not take into consideration this simple rule of thumb? A couple of thin bracelets will seem a winning combination for someone with narrow wrists, while people with larger wrists should search for more massive models. Vice versa, large models will be uncomfortable in wear for ladies with thin wrists.
  2. How appropriate it is for your style or particular occasion - for the office dress code, choose laconic in design bracelets of neat shape without bright and flashy elements. For evening hanging-out, it is acceptable to prefer spectacular and larger solutions with crystals and natural stones.

Necklaces & Pendants

There are numerous customers who worry they will be unable to select the right size of jewellery for their beloved ones. That is why the perfect way-out of this dilemma is to buy necklaces and pendants in our jewellery store. At the same time, it would be a marvellous bonus to golden rings or silver earrings and other inserts of the accessory ensemble.

On the website, there is a convenient in operation search engine system. Its task is to simplify searching and decision-making for end customers. We have accepted the challenge to turn the goal to shop jewelry online smoother for different categories of customers, especially non-techno-savvy ones. So far, we have performed great, and a quick look at the page will prove that.

With the help of our articles and expert recommendations, treating yourself to a stunning pendant or/and necklace is worth the game. Our collection offers solutions for any gender and age, so go for gifts for special occasions like St. Valentine’s Day, birthday, Mother’s or Father’s Day with us!

Jewellery for a Valentine's Day

Jewellery Pawn Shop

Without a doubt, the case of jewellery is unique. With the course of time, if their state is close to original, luxuriousness won’t be wiped out just for nothing. Accessories of the kind are an indicator of status and a demonstration of an owner’s good taste. The statement that this is a profitable investment of your free funds is completely correct and isn’t busted by any means.

However, to keep on investing into new pieces is truly troublesome for several consumers. Please welcome your favourite brand of exclusive and luxury gems and stones in its new role as pawn shop jewellery. On the one hand, it is possible for interested parties to arrange the contract of resales with our representatives and offer your items to replenish our catalogues. On the other hand, it is a perfect chance for those who are looking for qualitative products at affordable prices to find their soulmate suitors — there are a lot of 2nd hand items on the website already.

Apart from the buy-sell part of the affair, consumers allow prolonging the heir capabilities of their pieces. What does it mean? By presenting items to our experts, you give a chance to other enthusiasts to experience the same joy and happiness from wearing beautiful and inexpensive branded jewellery. Customers who are connoisseurs of such accessories but who are not satisfied with serial products will be able to benefit as well — our elite pawn shop is ready to present a wide range of genuine art treasures.

Whenever you decide to sell 9 carat, 22 carat, 14k - 18k, gold plated or other pieces you don’t like or want to wear anymore, what matters greatly is the way the price is defined. That is why appraisal jewelry services held by "FJewellery" are highly sought-after. Our brand will help you score jewelry and check what the true cost of your goods is, taking into account the following characteristics:

  • the carat and weight of the metal, as well as the presence and quality of gemstones, including the check whether it is a precious or semi precious material;
  • artistic value of the item (namely, design peculiarities);
  • year of issue and condition of the unit.

As you can see, the check is multicomponent and thorough (details may be a little different depending on your particular case). The reason why this offer is so valuable for our customers is the fact it is performed for free. Don’t hesitate to consult our experts and achieve advice before dealing with your selling affair.

Tri-Colour Style Jewellery

Cooperation with our second hand jewellery shop is quite comfortable. Just judge for yourself. First of all, there is no need to prepare tons of documents to finalize the deal. Secondly, the process doesn’t take ages, and you will see expected results soon after reaching out to us. Thirdly, an absence of hidden fees and charges makes this contract fair and absolutely transparent for both so-called negotiators — all the terms and conditions are discussed and available in public access.

On top of that, we also offer consignment services for your followers. In simple words, your second-hand items will be sold by our representatives but on your behalf. The difference between just selling goods to us is your feeling of certainty that the story of gems your love will be continued. If putting the lyrics aside, it is also a chance to increase the cost achieved from this deal. Also, you will receive the funds after the arrangement is done. However, no need to worry — our insurance will work to cover your property. If you have some spare time to wait for better stakes at the potential buyers’ end, this strategy is recommended for sure.

Contact Us

Customers who still have doubts and concerns which model or type of metal to put into the basket shouldn’t worry and be afraid of not finding their soulmate accessory. We are accessible whenever you need our assistance. Choose the most convenient way to reach out to our specialists from the support team. One of the methods is to write a message through the online form on the site. A lot prefer calling or sending an email to us. Don’t forget that if you don’t find anything suitable on the website, make sure to contact us, and we will assist. Check for the right communication means to your liking and get high end jewellery any individual desires and deserves!