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Gold jewellery

Aurum is the most popular precious metal that has not lost its value for many centuries. That is why it's also a great investment. Jewellers adore this material and make the most delightful jewellery out of it, which you can always purchase on the website of the "FJewellery" store. When choosing a gold accessory, it is important to take into account the colour of the material, because its cost and appearance depend on it. Each type of metal has a number of advantages and disadvantages. Let's try to figure them out!

Yellow gold, rose gold & white gold: what’s the difference?

There are no absolute gold accessorise. This is because pure aurum is a very soft metal and is not suitable for making jewellery. It's easily deformed, scratched and broken. Therefore, various impurities are added to the metal. The addition of various elements increases the wear resistance of the product and its strength. Their percentage also affects the colour of the metal.

The most popular on the gold market are 585 and 750 tests. There are also 375 samples - it's of low-quality products, and it's also considered the cheapest. The highest alloy is 999 - gold bars are made from it and used in the banking sector as investment and reserve currency. 585 assay is the most demanded in the whole world and jewellery from it can be found most often. From 750 samples, as a rule, create expensive premium jewellery. In another way, this alloy is called 18 carats.

Gold jewellery

If it is stated that a jewellery is 750 sample, it means that it's based on 75% pure aurum, and the rest is copper and silver. These two metals are an inseparable duet, which is most often added to the composition of a gold alloy, and they significantly affect the properties of the finished product: chemical and physical.

Copper adds hardness and strength to the metal and makes it more forgeable. It also gives the product a noble red tint. Argentum also increases the malleability of the metal and raises its melting point, which allows for beautiful filigree designs. The high silver content gives the gold a purer white colour. To obtain precisely white gold, palladium is added. Even a small amount of it in the alloy changes colour from gold to silvery-white.

The 585 standard is produced according to the same principle, but there is less pure gold in it - 58.5%, and there are more other metals. Sometimes nickel and zinc are optionally added.

What kind of gold is more expensive?

The price of gold varies depending on its sample and on the ligature. For example, an alloy that has a lot of copper added will cost less than one containing palladium. Usually, the price is calculated for 1 gram.

The price of precious accessory made of this metal varies on several factors:

Of course, jewellery of an eminent brand will cost much more than mass-produced items, and accessorise with diamonds or sapphires will cost significantly more than the same one, but with cubic zirconia.

Yellow gold, rose gold & white gold

How to combine these alloys with each other?

More and more often, jewellers are experimenting with the look and shape of their products. As a result, combinations of metals of different colours are increasingly appearing in the collections of fashionable jewellery brands. These decorations can be of different styles and designs, but they all look consistently graceful and elegant.

When it comes to combining different colours of gold in two or more separate pieces of jewellery, then you need to be careful. Contemporary trends indicate to us the possibility of such a combination, although until recently it was considered unacceptable. The most important thing is that these accessorise should be harmoniously combined with each other and with clothes, and be designed in the same style.

Don't be afraid to experiment and always choose what you like the most, and the "FJewellery" online store can help you with this! If you want to purchase quality precious accessorise at an affordable price - you are welcome!

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