Second Hand Bangles

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Precious accessories have long been an integral part of any contemporary look, and the more original the design, the more attention they attract. And if you want to add something really stylish and unusual to your collection, feel free to buy second hand bangles! These dainty bracelets will jingle merrily on your wrist and will be a cool highlight in your outfit. The FJewellery catalogue contains many interesting variations of preloved bangles, and you are sure to find some impressive for yourself!

Bangles - what is it?

This is the name of hard metal decorations, which in appearance strongly resembles hoops. This type of bracelet keeps its shape perfectly, unlike traditional ones with links. You can wear them both on the wrist and above - on the forearm. These jewels are in the collections of most famous jewellery brands - these are strict and discreet mens bangles made of silver, bright and cute children's accessories and chic gold models for her.

Designers have always loved to experiment with the styles, shapes and sizes of bangles, and among 2nd hand accessories, you can find both classic and very unusual and even unique pieces.

Pre owned bangles

The simplest model has a rigid one-piece base without fasteners. Usually, they are not worn alone, but put on immediately in sets. This variant is still the most popular pre loved decoration.

But there are more unusual options in sale with convenient clasps, an open base, a flexible mesh and expandable with movable elements. They also often experiment with the shape of the hoop itself - they twist it, bend it, give it the appearance of an animal or plant; the flight of fancy is simply unlimited! You can find very interesting options for used bangles with floral ornaments, mother-of-pearl inserts or inlays of coloured gemstones.

Pre owned bangles are really bright and non-standard accessories, so you need to combine them with the same atypical and special ones, e.g.:

Check out the FJewellery website, pick up unique secondhand accessories for yourself and create the most amazing precious sets. Join us and enjoy an unforgettable online shopping experience!