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Jewellery is not always just an accessory. They are a whole world and a story told by you or your ancestors. Bangles are no exception. Accessories have always been one of the best ways to express your individuality. And you can use them successfully to create casual and festive looks. Online store Fjewellery offers a large collection of such items. All of them are made of precious metals, have amazing and stylish designs, and are suitable for all occasions.

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Bracelets and anklets: is there a difference?

Yes, of course, there is! And you must understand it before you begin selecting accessories for your dreams. Basically, you can already see everything in the photo. All the products in this section have one thing in common. They resemble solid rings. The design can be:

  • Full.  There are images in the catalogue of full-width or thin, hollow or full-body rings. Worn on the wrist.
  • Trendy C-shaped. This is a ring that has no small segments. It can be worn as a simple ring or directly on the wrist through the missing segment. Both options will work.

Unless it's just an elastic band bracelet, the bracelet has only a distinct clasp.

Both accessories are affordable, and you can find them on sale. They look flawless and will help create a unique and stylish look.

A bit of history

The first evidence of the existence of the bracelet was a piece of jewellery found by archaeologists in what is now Pakistan, in the Indus Valley. It is over 5,000 years old. It has the shape of a rigid bracelet made of various materials, as it did thousands of years ago. Most often, it is made of glass. They even got their name from the word "bungri", which means "glass" in Hindi.

Traditionally, this accessory is used by people in Southeast Asia, India, Africa, and the Arabian Basin islands to decorate their hands. It is used to accessorize wedding dresses. It could be a filigree or very simple. There was no such custom in Europe, but the adornment has found its admirers. Today, you can find inexpensive plastic pieces made in a minimalist style. Designers offer huge collections of contemporary accessories. They can have a simple shape and execution, or they can be unique, and made of exclusive materials. They can be used to complement bridal looks and for everyday life.

Why are they so popular today?

Gold & silver bracelets are unquestionably among our civilization's oldest pieces of jewellery. Today they have different shapes and designs. They have won the hearts of modern fashionistas. We offer you a few reasons why, after reading this, you will definitely want to try wearing bracelets:

  • Tradition. For many people, the use of bracelets in creating wedding images is traditional. They look very harmonious and carry a special cultural connotation. Each element often has its own meaning.
  • A timeless accessory. They have hardly changed over the millennia. This is especially true of traditional patterns. The designs of new jewellery can vary considerably through the use of modern materials, and processing, and, of course, the style will depend on fashion trends.
  • Availability. Bracelets are all about form. Your choice depends on your preferences and understanding of style. Inexpensive pieces in plastic, silver, and wood can be found on sale. There are also extra-modern designs, original shapes (e.g., oval, square, etc.) in gold and platinum, inlaid with precious stones. Which option would you choose for the evening? It's up to you.
  • Suitable for any slyles. It is the most attractive and unique of all accessories because it can be worn with a variety of clothing styles. It can be an evening dress, a business suit, something casual, or in the spirit of a beach party. You can complement your outfit with such an unusual accessory at any time and for any event.
  • It looks romantic. Our ancestors understood beauty. You have to admit, wrists decorated with bracelets look especially beautiful and attractive. The main thing is to choose the right size and design.

You can find models on sale that will perfectly match your look. All it takes is a little time and a willingness to experiment.

Gold BanglesGold Bangles


In our shop you will find articles made of precious metal:

The cost of bangles will depend on the weight of the accessory (in grams) and the presence of decoration. The larger the piece, the higher the price will be.

Finding the perfect material can often be difficult. If you're looking for precious metal pieces, we first recommend describing your preference as well as your skin tone. If you're the lucky owner of a cool undertone, opt for white gold, silver, or platinum. If your undertones are warm, yellow, lemon, and rose gold can bring out the inner light in your skin.

The models can be decorated or left undecorated. In the latest case, they are simply metal headbands with a minimalist design. If it is a single wide piece, it will look great with strict business suits. If it's a thin headband, it's best to buy several pieces at once. As a group, they look great and complement any look.

Here you will find products with the following design types:

  • Gemstone. It's a great option for turning a simple piece of jewellery into an elegant and stylish piece. And it's a great use for a personalised piece. You can choose a mineral from your month of birth, and voila, you are already the lucky owner of not just a piece but a talisman and an amulet.
  • Engraving on a single side or a special thickening (tab). An elegant way to make a piece even more attractive. A beautiful example of this diamond-cutting technique will make your jewellery shine and shimmer in the light. Engraved names of loved ones, motivational phrases, dates etc. are also popular.
  • Coating. Jewellers usually coat precious metals with rhodium polish. This additionally protects the soft gold and silver from mechanical damage and also gives them an even greater lustre and depth of colour. This is a great option for a gift or for yourself.

The jewelry elements can also act as decorations. You can take a good look at each option in the pics before making your choice.

How to determine your size

How do I correctly size a solid ring? To do this, you need to take a few measurements:

  • Prepare the tailor's tape.
  • Turn your palm upward.
  • With the thumb of this hand, try to reach as far as possible to the opposite end of the hand (little finger). In this position, your hand will pass through a solid ring. The widest point is now at the base of the thumb.
  • Take the ribbon and wrap it around the first knuckle of your thumb (this will be just below the base of the thumb) without changing position (you are still reaching as far as possible towards your thumb). Write down the size.
  • Write down the size on a piece of paper and compare it with the size chart (be careful as it may be in mm or inches), which can be found in the description of each product.

This is how you will find the minimum diameter of the product. If it is a solid rim, this is the critical point. Try not to get it wrong.

For C-shaped bracelets as well as products with a modern sliding design, it is more important to understand your wrist size. The gist of the procedure is very similar to the previous manipulation. Only you wrap the band not around your palm but around the thinnest part of your arm. This is usually the area just behind the wrist bone.

Then you only have to compare the result with the one you see in the product description or below:

  • Tiny: up to 5'' (12.7cm).
  • Petite: up to 5.5'' (14cm).
  • Small: up to 6'' (15.2 cm).
  • Normal or standard: up to 6.5'' (16.5 cm).
  • Large: up to 7'' (17.8 cm).
  • Extra large: up to 7.5'' (19 cm).

If you have a chunky or oversized figure, we recommend adding a few millimetres to make you feel comfortable.

Silver Bangles

Silver Bangles

For women

In the FJewellery catalogue, you'll find a huge range of fashionable jewellery. They're all perfect for any look, from festive to casual. Here are the five most popular bracelet designs that every woman should have:

  • Items with pendants are cool. They can come in different shapes and styles. These cute pieces look very stylish and attractive. You can buy something abstract suggested by the manufacturer or build your own collection of themed headband pendants.
  • If you want a single piece of jewellery for a special occasion, buy a diamond bangle. They are always timeless and fashionable. It looks like luxury in its purest form. Diamonds can completely adorn the arc. It can also be partially complemented with other gemstones, which look great when paired with clear diamonds.
  • Solitaire is a great option. This bracelet has a single fancy mineral in the centre. It can be something very bright ( sapphire, an emerald, etc.) or stylish and dainty, such as pearls. The latter option will be very popular next season.
  • Models of fashion flats with decorations. There really are a lot of them, and at times the eyes are diverted. This includes eternity headbands with screws and other patterns.
  • And, of course, simple, discreet, but very cute sets of several thin hoops. They can be numerous or scattered. They are usually without extra decorations. An excellent and long-lasting choice for an everyday look. Perfectly combined with a T-shirt and jeans as well as with a business suit.

You can wear the pieces in a group or singly, on one or two combs at once. If you have several pieces of jewellery in your collection, you can come up with different ways of displaying them. You can always put together the perfect piece, but if this is your first experiment, you may want to consider the following:

  • Less is better. If you're taking the first steps in finding your style, start small — wear one bracelet, gradually adding other pieces one at a time. See how they fit together. Keep changing and trying new variations.
  • First the wide ones, then the thin ones. If you want to wear several pieces at once, wear the widest bracelet on your arm first. Then add the thinnest one to it and then all the others, if you still have options.
  • Lots of thin, identical ones with a common element. Unless the pieces are of the same thickness and decoration, you can wear any jewellery with each other, with the only requirement that they share a common element. This could be colour, decoration, pattern, etc.
  • Is it okay with a watch? Yes, of course it is. It looks very stylish and bold. You can add a solitaire bracelet or an elegant pearl cuff to your watch. It's a good idea if they go well together.

For men

Yes, it's not only normal but also very stylish. Men were the first to adorn their bodies, and if you learn how to do it, it turns out very beautiful.

If you collect your collection of bangles, then we recommend including these models:

  • Cuffs in gold or silver that are wide and classic. They can be with or without a pattern, plain flat or thick.
  • Thin slim metal hoops. A modern option for everyday wear. They can be straight or twisted, hoop-shaped or C-shaped with balls at the ends. The latter are often adorned with precious stones.
  • Solitaire bracelets. These are solid or slim pieces with a gemstone set in the centre (or slightly off-centre). It can be large or delicately thin.
  • Double pieces. This is a ready-made pair of bracelets that you can wear without having to think about how they fit together. The jewellers have already taken care of this.
  • Studded bracelets. Just as attractive as they were decades ago. They look attractive, although not in all ways.
  • There are a few rules you should follow to ensure that your look is always stylish:
  • Whether your shirt has long sleeves or short sleeves, bracelets should always remain on the body.
  • You can wear bracelets with a watch. It looks stylish. Simply choose the appropriate diameter so that the jewellery does not become tangled and overlap.
  • Combine different materials. Leather, precious metals, and beads look very stylish if chosen correctly.

Follow these rules or make up your own so that these beautiful jewels match your look and make it irresistible.

Kids BanglesKids Bangles

For children

These items are quite often a family tradition. Such jewellery is purchased for babies and remains with them as they grow. The bracelet is then passed onto the next child in the family, expanded and retained by the previous owner, or becomes part of a stylish accessory.

The most popular in this case are the beautiful C-shaped models, as well as the unusual sliding designs. They can be made in gold or silver only, or they can have a cute design. Consider the following options:

  • Choose a sterling silver, 14-karat gold, or higher bracelet for your baby. These materials will not cause allergies or rashes, as they do not contain nickel or other metals that are harmful to a baby's skin. This is a great option. Which of these two options should I select? This is a question you have to decide for yourself. The parameters could be your preference, your child's skin tone, or the colour of its eyes.
  • The design must be safe. This is especially important for children's models. A thin pretty product is always preferable to decorations with superfluous decorations or loose elements.
  • Choose the right size. The jewellery should not be uncomfortable for the child. The smallest size should not be worn on a tight child. It is better to take a slightly larger size right away.
  • Let it be something nice and simple. Choose proven designs that work well: cuffs, slip-on designs, and cute C-shaped personalized hoops.

We offer a huge collection of these lovely items that will delight you and your baby. If you are a grandmother, grandfather, godparent, or godmother, this can be a landmark gift for your baby.

Online shop Fjewellery offers a large assortment of bracelets in a variety of styles. Here you'll find not only trendy new items but also vintage pieces, and you can buy bespoke jewellery. In addition to accessories that can be worn on the arm, the following are also on sale:

  • Chains in various weaving styles, including colourful Singapore chains.
  • A big range of pendants and pieces in a variety of sizes and styles, including orthodox crosses
  • Hoop earrings and other styles are available to help you create your own look.

Collection of BanglesCollection of Bangles

The high-quality pictures and descriptions in the catalogue will help you make the right choice. Shopping has become so convenient that you'll be surprised. Our concierge is always ready to answer all your questions about price and delivery.