Men's Silver Belcher Bracelets

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At all times, precious accessories on wrist attracted attention and were extremely common among both women and men. This is a simple and stylish way to demonstrate your refined taste to others, emphasise your status, or simply add a bright twist to your usual style. Be that as it may, the men's byzantine bracelet has gained particular popularity among others, and this is no accident. It elegantly combines beauty and luxury, rigour and chic - this is the best addition to any contemporary male look, you can believe us! Well, are you already interested in this model? Then we invite you to visit the FJewellery website, explore our assortment and pick up a stylish new thing for your precious box at a very competitive price! We look forward to seeing you!

What is the uniqueness of this model?

The byzantine type of weaving is otherwise called royal and this has its own truth! The jewellery really looks exceptionally luxurious, but at the same time very courageous and solid. The whole point here is the unique interweaving of links of different shapes and sizes - they are intricately connected and can even bend at different angles, which makes this design especially unique and creates an aura of royal charm around it.

In addition, knitting is considered extremely durable, due to the tight fit of one link to another - this ensures high wear resistance of the product and makes it ideal for both everyday wardrobe and more formal occasions.

What metal is best for this model?

There is no unconditionally right decision here - everyone chooses from their individual preferences and features of their personal precious collection. However, let's say for sure - you can find options for lovers of different types and shades of metals!

Classic gold is considered the most suitable option for this weaving. It's durable and extremely reliable, suitable for permanent use, easy to clean and has a wide spectrum of shades, due to which the accessory can be chosen for every taste. This metal also has a different purity of alloys, which affects both the final cost of the product and its durability. One of the most popular options to buy is 9 carat alloy.

Sterling silver for such bracelets is used less often. This metal is certainly also noble and beautiful, but it doesn't have such high strength and is more malleable, which doesn't go well with the features of weaving. And although it's considered one of the most common for gents jewellery, white gold can be an excellent alternative to it.

What goes with a byzantine bracelet?

Often, men choose for themselves one favourite accessory that becomes a memorable highlight of their image, and in this case, such a bracelet is extremely relevant. However, many young guys like to mix and match more decorations in their outfits - this allows you to diversify the image and give it more personality. We invite you to take a look at the different products for him from those presented in our online store in order to find the most complete and individual kit for yourself. We have more than a hundred of such jewels in sale, including:

You can study each product in detail in the pictures, and if you have any questions, FJewellery specialists are always in touch in our chat and are ready to help you at any time! Contact us!