Men's Byzantine Chains

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Guys love massive and large neck decorations - such details accentuate images and make them more memorable. And the most popular among others is the mens byzantine chain - it has all the necessary advantages that are so important in the image for him. Let's look at them all, so that later it will be easier for you to choose and buy your ideal model on the FJewellery store website!

Selection features

There are four main parameters by which men select accessories for their personal collection, the so-called base. The first is the type of weaving: some people like it more concise, while others prefer voluminous. But the most important thing is that they be as reliable and durable as possible, and in this matter, byzantine knitting literally has no equal. This is the best combination of impeccable design and high-quality products - they are created entirely by hand, and therefore are considered the most complex and reliable models among any other types.

The second is a suitable metal - the eternal struggle between discreet silver and luxurious gold. The key factors here are high wear resistance and ease of care, but this also depends on knitting, its density and strength. Byzantine weaving in this case is universal and goes well with both metals, providing excellent quality of the jewellery for a long time.
The third nuance is the weight and sizes - here, too, everyone has their own priorities, someone likes thinner and more elegant chains, while others prefer large and heavy ones. And yes, chunkier jewelry is really suitable for men - they look more spectacular on the neck and allow you to decorate them even with very big pendants. Byzantine chain mens looks very voluminous due to its non-standard weaving and therefore is the most sought-after gents model.

And the last fourth aspect is the price. It's clear that a jewel that is created by hand from many small details cannot be cheap - this is painstaking and difficult work for a jeweller. However, too high a cost is unacceptable for many, and therefore in our online catalogue we have collected a large assortment of various options for such chains for any budget - so that each of our clients can find an accessory for themselves here. We also offer many other male decorations and sets that you can find in sale on our website, including:

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