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Can gents wear a chain? Of course, yes! Chains are jewelry that does not have gender differences today. Heavy or light, massive or openwork, with or without a gemstone - both men and women adore them. The FJewellery online shop offers a vast collection of mens chains for sale. Here, you will find a gift for your loved one or an excellent piece for yourself.

Why would a man wear a chain?

There is an opinion that lads should not use with jewellery. In fact, for man, chains are one of his favourite accessories. They help create the desired style, store an expensive gift (if we are talking about a pendant), and emphasise belonging to a group or status. A nice chain can tell a lot about its owner. If you choose it correctly, it will add masculinity and elegance, helping stylish complete any look.

Chains for Him

Most often, men choose a chain:

  • For self-expression. Are you have pendants? Love wearing them according to your mood? Then the chain is the right option for you.
  • Wear a cross or other memorabilia (it could be something that makes sense to you).
  • To complete the look. That means you may not wear a chain every day. But you choose it because it looks cool on you, so you always use it at that moment.
  • Just because you like this accessory. Indeed, many people like this decoration so that they never take it off.

Do you need an excuse to wear your favourite item? Absolutely! Just wear it. The main thing is that it harmoniously combines your look, physique, and jewellery.

What type of weaving chain for him to choose

Probably the most challenging choice! There are a considerable number of types. We will introduce you to the basic ones to make it easier for you to choose:

  1. Let's start with the most popular option for chains. It's a cable chain. It cannot say that this is the most exquisite weaving. The item consists of oval links. But such models are very durable and ideal for wearing crosses and small pendants.
  2. The curb chain is the second most popular option. Thickness can be pretty impressive. It is the option when you want to buy a product that will be pleasant to press with its weight. Popular chunky model for urban and street style. Maybe with round links, but you can see a flat version more often.
  3. Rope chain. Wonderful weaving! Looks nice in both thin and thick versions. A very durable thing if we talk about the quality of weaving. This option is often chosen for wearing pendants. You definitely won't lose them! Such a chain looks like a rope that has spun around its axis.
  4. Wheat chain. It got its name because it is very similar to a spikelet. The links of such a chain are intertwined together in one direction. Also, an excellent option to wear pendants.
  5. Box chain is a simple yet stylish option. Rectangular links have a simple connection. But at the same time, the chain looks impressive and beautiful.
  6. Snake or omega chain. The links are very close, creating a feeling of snakeskin or a single whole — an exquisite option. We recommend wearing it separately, without a pendant.
  7. Herringbone chain. Looks very pleasant on the body. Flat links are connected very close to each other, creating the feeling of a monolithic product. This type and omega (they are often confused, but you should not do this) have one drawback. Since the links fit tightly, hairs can get into the interlink space. Otherwise, this is a luxury option that will suit almost any look.
  8. Marine or anchor chain weaving. Looks very interesting on the skin. It is woven from unique oval links with a partition (bar). Very reminiscent of ship anchor chains! This option is dedicated to all lovers of the marine theme.
  9. An openwork chain. It got its name from the protagonist of the opera The Barber of Seville (G. Rossini). It is called Italian or Figaro. As a rule, one pattern of several links is repeated in this type of weaving: one elongated link + two short ones. But there may be different options.
  10. And another favourite is the ball chain. It consists of precious metal round balls between which there may or may not be a gap. It is trendy, especially when paired with dog tags.

In addition, the chain can be with a diamond cut. It is not the type of weaving as many people think. Some chains can have such an ornament. In this case, the jeweller makes several notches on each link. In the product, it looks just great! If you prefer shiny chains, then this is the place for you!

In addition to the type of chain weaving, it is worth mentioning that there are different options for fasteners. All of them are reliable. Since men like to approach the choice thoroughly, we will tell about them. Most popular:

  • Spring ring. It looks like a hollow ring with a lever. A small spring is hidden inside the circle.
  • The lobster claw is another variation of the spring closure. It is elementary to remove, even with one hand.
  • Barrel clasp. The clasp works on the principle of a bolt and nut. The two parts join together to form a small barrel.
  • Fishhook is perhaps one of the earliest clasps in jewellery. A simple double-sided hook provides a secure hold for heavy chains.
  • Magnetic clasp. If the previous version was representative of the old school, then such a clasp is a modern invention. It is simple and works by attracting two magnets located in two parts of the clutch.

What precious metal buy chain for men?

The answer is simple. Choose what is closer to you in spirit! Then, we will tell you about the advantages of each precious metal:

  • The gold chain. It can be made of yellow, pink and white expensive precious metal. Of course, depending on the carat, the chain may cost a little less, but still. The FJewellery offers 9K, 14K and 18K gold chains. Each of the options has its advantages. So, a chain of 9-carat gold will be cheaper. And a product made of 18-carat gold is more resistant to external influences. Also, the decoration may contain gold of all three shades in the product. It looks the best. You choose!
  • Silver chain. No less exciting option. As in the first case, it is impossible to make chains from real metal. The jewellery made of 925 silver is a versatile item with exceptional qualities. It is wear-resistant, looks very masculine and attracts with its cold sheen. Another advantage is the cheap price.

Skin tone is the only parameter you need to determine the correct option (apart from your preferences - they are more critical). It's not about fashion at all. It is essential how the metal lies on the skin and how it combines with it. As a general rule, gold is more suitable for men with warm undertones, while silver is ideal for those with cool undertones.

Mens chains

How to wear a chain?

There are several options, and each of them looks amazing. You only need to choose yours. Or don't stop at just one. You can create new styles for yourself. Trendy designers don't offer rigid boundaries. Your choice is a matter of your preferences. We offer you several options that we think are optimal. So, here are the top 5 options for how to wear guys chains:

  • Wear separately. This option looks very concise. In this case, you can choose an option with some intricate weaving or something straightforward.
  • Wear with a pendant. There are many: from religious pendants in the spirit of plain crosses to very bold items in the rock style.
  • Combine the chain around the neck with a bracelet in the same style, such as anchor chain and mariner bracelets. You can mutch such a set with one of the models in the spirit of single stone rings.
  • Wear several different types in several rows, or develop your unique style.

How long should chains for boys be

The choice of length and width of the product is significant. You need to understand that you should not be based on what you like. The key here is proportion. Let's talk about length first:

  • The optimal size chain for male is 20 inches. This item looks good both on a T-shirt and under a shirt.
  • Short chains 14 to 18 inches will run almost around the neck. On big men, it can even look like a choker. If you are of small stature, then this option may suit you. The chain will be visible above the T-shirt and shirt.
  • Chains 22 ... 24 inches are chosen for pendants. They can wear them over clothing or on the body. It is the standard variant for pectoral crosses.
  • Long chains 24 ... 30 inches. It looks good on tall men when wearing several items simultaneously, under a large pendant. We recommend wearing this product over the clothing.

And now for the width. Here are a few tips that we hope will help you make your choice:

  1. From 1 to 6 mm, the smallest ones are recommended to be worn with light pendants. They look great both on the body and on clothes.
  2. From 6 to 10 mm. Such a chain will be pretty problematic to hide under clothing, so it is often worn on top.
  3. From 10 mm. An option for those who want to leave a lasting impression.

The FJewellery online shop offers a huge assortment of styles, widths, and lengths. They may be new or preowned. Today, online shopping is one of the most popular and fastest options to buy something interesting without leaving home. To do this, you can use high-quality pictures from our catalogue.

9ct Rose Gold Solid Rope Chain DSHCN0640
9ct Rose Gold Solid Rope Chain DSHCN0640
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