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Have you been wanting to diversify your jewelry wardrobe for a long time, but can't find a universal decoration that would fit any look? The FJewellery team has a solution for you - rope chains! Beautiful, stylish, elegant - they will perfectly fit into your image and bring a precious charm to it. Wear them as a standalone base piece, pair them with other jewels, or mix and match to create unique necklaces - whatever your fancy. Trust us, this accessory will never lose its relevance and will look organic in any case.

Rope link chains

Let's go a little deeper into history

People have loved to decorate themselves and their clothes since ancient times. To do this, they used any improvised materials that nature put at their disposal. Then it wasn't done for beauty - such decorations had a completely different meaning. With their help, they demonstrated their position in society and belonging to certain segments of the population; later, with the development of religions and beliefs, they began to play the role of protective talismans and charms from evil spirits.

Everything changed dramatically at the moment when people found a way to extract and process metals. Since then, the history of neck and other jewelry has turned around 360° and has gone in a different direction. Exquisite products made of noble metals, inlaid with real gems, became luxury items and a privilege for the nobility. Their cost was high, and they were worn mainly by people from the upper classes: kings, rulers, priests. The then masters created not just accessories, but amazing works of art and contemporary jewelers are still inspired by these masterpieces when creating their new and original designs.

Time passes, times change, and today almost everyone can afford exquisite costume jewelry. In addition, the range of precious products is simply colossal: from discreet classic models to bright and extravagant ones - everyone will be able to find something special and suitable for their personal chains collection.

A special and best place among contemporary accessories is occupied by necklaces, and if we talk about them, we cannot fail to mention the most fashionable and elegant of them. Of course, we are talking about the rope style chain, which are simply indispensable element of images for men and women of all ages. FJewellery specialists have prepared a short and informative guide especially for you on how to find your perfect chain and what to look for when buying. So, let's get started without further ado!

How to choose

Among all types of weaving, rope chains are one of the most unusual and beautiful. And it's considered one of the most reliable and durable. Many firmly soldered details are tightly intertwined with each other, resembling a fancy spikelet of wheat, and even if one or a pair of links is deformed, the chain structure will not suffer. To create such a complex filigree pattern, jewelers use a special and not simple technology - laser cut. With its help create the thinnest facet on each small link, which is impossible to do with other jewellery methods. Due to this, the accessory turns out to be very voluminous, but at the same time light and airy - the perfect combination of grace and luxury, which can only be created by the most experienced and talented craftsmen.

Rope chains

Separately, it is worth noting another interesting technology that is often used to create such decoration - diamond cut. Thanks to this, the precious metal begins to literally shine from the inside, which brings a special highlight to the appearance of the accessory. This technique is also quite complex and painstaking - it takes a high level of professionalism to craft each thin link so that it sparkles. Wearing such a necklace, you can say with confidence: "All who stand near me will be blinded by her radiance!".

However, the selection of the ideal chain depends not only on the knitting method - there are three more important nuances:

  • metal,
  • size,
  • fastener.

When choosing a noble metal, there are no special standards - everything here is based on your personal preferences. An elegant twisted chain looks great both in strict and cold silver, and in chic warm aurum. For lovers of unusual accessories, it will be useful to pay attention to models made of combined gold, where different colours and shades are used. Also, don't neglect the additional protective coating. Most often, rhodium is used to prevent damage to fine jewelry and give them a special shimmer. It's applied in a thin layer, and it creates a heat-resistant shell that can protect the metal from corrosion and wear, which means that such a decoration will last a very long time.

The selection of necklace sizes must be approached carefully - length and width are of giant importance, and unlike the previous parameter, there are certain standards here. It largely depends on height and physique.
So, the best options for her are:

  • 16 inches - elegant chokers, tightly fitting the neck; they are often worn by young skinny teenage girls.
  • 18" - slightly elongated chokers, beautifully emphasizing the line of the collarbones.
  • 20" is the best chain length for women.
  • 22" - a model that focuses on the neckline.
  • 24" and over - extra-long chains worn over clothing.

Options for him:

  • 20" - short chains, for the creation of which quite voluminous links are usually used.
  • 24 inch is the most versatile size.
  • 28" is for big, tall guys.
  • 30 inches and longer - these are models for lovers of bright and avant-garde accessories; look good with large lockets.

The width of the chain also has some standards, where the optimal option is 4-5mm. For young ladies, thinner accessories are chosen, while men prefer thick and massive ones.

Another important point is a secure fastener. It should close and open without much effort, but at the same time firmly. The safety of your jewels depends on this, because it will be very disappointing to lose your favorite decoration due to a loose clasp. The most durable are carbines and springs.

In the FJewellery catalogue, all these and other important characteristics are indicated in the description of each product. Also, there are detailed pictures showing the accessory from different angles, so that when you buy rope chain, you can accurately imagine how it looks and know all its parameters.

With what and how to wear

Rope link chain is unique in that it can be combined with any outfit - it all depends on the model you choose and your usual style of clothing.

If you prefer strict and solid classics, and business suits make up the bulk of your wardrobe, select chains of universal sizes for yourself. They can be paired with simple bracelets anchor and pearl stud earrings. It will also be a cool basis for pendant - modest and elegant. Here you should not use many details - everything should be picked subtly and tastefully.

For adherents of casual, any options are suitable - from flat chokers to longer fat necklaces. Complete the look with hoop earrings or trendy engraved bangles. There are no restrictions in this style. You can also create a beautiful layered ensemble using multiple chains.

For those who like to combine numerous different small details in an outfit, these chains will become a real treasure, because they can be decorated with cute opening lockets, simple hollow crosses and delicate pendants star of david - and all this can be combined with each other. Complete the set by pinning a pair of fancy brooches on the lapel of your jacket, bag or backpack.

Chains rope

To complement an exquisite evening dress, you don’t need to use many elements - a beautiful chain on neck and chic golden knot earrings are enough. But under a bright cocktail dress, you can wear large unusual accessories - massive creole earrings, wide mesh bangles or original rings onyx. In this case, you are free to experiment with different kits and combinations - don't be afraid to use elements of dissimilar styles and shapes, because the main thing is that the result is unexpected and extravagant.

For men who love street style in clothes, voluminous heavy chains with chunky links and original pendants will be relevant. You can add equally massive bracelets and non-standard signet rings to them.

There are a huge number of various precious accessories for sale on the FJewellery website, and here you can assemble a stylish set for yourself at the most pleasant price. We regularly replenish and update our assortment and strive to prove to each of our customers that cheap and high quality are synonymous in our store! See for yourself and enjoy shopping with us!