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At first, the choice of a beautiful necklace seems one of the easiest challenges in the jewellery world. The more you find out about these accessories, the more understanding comes that this process possesses its own peculiar features. In the market, you will not only come across dozens of divergent styles. The list of links, clasps, and additional beauty intensifiers is literally second to none. If you are interested to get to know key characteristics that will let you define the right types of chains for your needs, you have come to the best place. FJewellery is home to hundreds of stylish designs — just dive deeper into its marvelous catalog.


Theoretical Introduction

Before making any purchase, customers have to be sure that know exactly what they are looking for. There are some confusing and ambiguous terms that are applied by end users to define more generalized patterns and notions than necessary. It is high time to get rid of trouble-causing terminology in the jewellery market:

  • Necklace — any accessory that is designed to be worn on the neck will be called a necklace. It comes in different lengths and can be inserted with gemstones or decorated with brilliant hanging elements like pendants.
  • Necklet — it is also a type of decoration to put around the neck, but it is displayed fairly close-fitting. In the majority of cases, it incorporates unique and rigid ornaments.
  • Chain — simply put, it is a line of interconnected links. In the jewellery market, it is applied as a special type of necklace where metal links are the main components.
  • Pendant — this is the most general term for elements that are put on the chain as a decoration detail. What differentiates them from subtypes is mainly their style and type of closure. Pendants usually come with large bails.
  • Locket — this pendant has a hollow area inside, where you can put a photo or other things (depending on what space is left). It is created to be opened and reveal cute secrets inside. This accessory is a stunning memory holder for interested parties.
  • Charm — these are small, precise, and accurate types of pendants for fashionistas. Unlike traditional pendants, they come with fixed loops as an attaching element.

Carat weight vs. size — measuring jewels, pundits use carats, which function as units of weight. On the other hand, this term can be applied as a measure of metal purity. When it comes to gems, a carat has a hundred points, defining its physical weight. For instance, a one-carat diamond will weigh 0.2 grams. The more carats, the bigger this parameter. However, customers shouldn’t forget that this aspect is relative. Although sapphires or rubies are heavier than diamonds, that doesn’t mean they will be actually bigger. The size of the diamonds will be larger than the mentioned stones. Besides, the gemstone cut influences their surface dimensions. Let’s be more precise: while the Asscher cut reaches 7.07 by 7.07 millimeters, heart-shaped jewels are 8.27 by 8.27 millimeters.

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Top 10 Types of Necklaces

First things first, when you want to buy chains, you actually need to know their layouts. A necklace is a general term for such marvelous goodies as cuban and box link chains, so being able to differentiate one from another will be crucial. Although the list of necklaces is regularly updated by the best manufacturers in the UK market, this catalogue is a breathtaking space for lovers of top-rated models. Here is our top ten of exquisite creations for any taste:

  1. Cable — if you stand for classic and traditional layouts, this is your favourite. Created of identical oval or round links, the analyzed chains are believed to be one of the pioneer constructions in the industry. Its plain architecture is best when it comes to attaching pendants of numerous styles. Unlike fancy and chunky designs that are prone to damage, the rules of care and maintenance for cable link necklaces are pretty intuitive.
  2. Mariner — also famous as anchor chains, their aesthetics is pleasing. You will find a lot of new approaches, where standard plain constructions are designed with more 3D vibes in mind. That tactic results in so-called puffed chains. It can be accepted as a modified version of cable links, where nice bar are added in the link center. Don’t hesitate to place an order for this cheap beauty online. If something is off, you won’t face difficulties trying to fix the issue — any master is keen on repairing it.
  3. Rope — for those customers who can’t help but desire to feel more current, whatever outfit they are going to wear, this representative of the jewellery market is a leading option.
  4. Figaro — if unusual patterns are your cup of tea, it is one of the greatest solutions. Aside from highly recognizable Greek, Viking, or alternative symbols, such templates give an interesting vibe with their range of long and short links. Unlike substitute filigree chains, the suggested artisan chains will suit multiple outfits and lifestyles. This increases the value of chains exponentially.
  5. Singapore — this combination of curb and rope chain principles has led to cute and dainty layouts. It will look gorgeous whatever material is selected. Gold or rhodium coated solutions are excellent when you want to spare some funds without compromising the design quality and brilliance.
  6. Franco — simply put, this twisted treasure is a cool version of curb chains. The pattern is upgraded by the appliance of V-shaped metal compounds. They are especially beloved by gentlemen.
  7. Box link — each link is styled in such a way to look like a cozy metal box. With square links as the main components, they don’t break easily, especially when thicker and wider solutions are under analysis. Another goodie that is created based on alike principles is called a ball link chain. In plain English, typical links that resemble small rings are substituted by little balls.
  8. Belcher — the concept of taking differently shaped links has been strongly popularized among masters so far, and belcher chains aren’t an exception in these tactics. In this case, D-shaped interlinking is highlighted.
  9. Prince of Wales — for those customers who long for aesthetic wows, it is a brilliant goodie to opt for. To visualize its design better, you are welcome to imagine a rope chain with looser components. Due to the fact that the chain compounds aren’t so tight, it is a more flexible and versatile accessory.
  10. Byzantine — as one of the most expensive necklaces, it is worth it when users seek luxury in metal. They become only more attention-grabbing and appealing when the diamond cut is applied. Designers have come up with a tricky interlinking and interlocking of chains, which results in patterns that are interesting to track and analyze.

On the website, the collection of chains can boast of a more mesmerizing diversity — unique chains of yellow and white gold, barleycorn, double curb, trace, and Spiga necklaces are some most recommended samples to check.

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How to Choose the Right Fastener

Another crucial parameter that has to be implemented in your decision-making strategy is the style of the clasp. This element has a huge impact on how convenient and easy to operate a target accessory is. To be more precise, such a feature shouldn’t be omitted for owners of weak fingers or personalities who hate all the hustle and bustle, related to putting a chain on and off. The list of the most typical closures includes the following:

  • Hidden clasps — let’s start with useful attractions that don’t come first into customers’ minds. This type is blended in the necklace line and seems a flawless part of the composition. They are solid and wide in the majority of cases, which is excellent for appropriate chains and solutions with gemstones that are then non-interfered around the goodie.
  • Toggle fasteners — their name comes after their T-shaped attaching compounds. You put them into a corresponding circle area of the construction and fasten the necklace. These custom layouts are present in numerous designs and dimensions. Although they aren’t the most secure type of closure, their interactive benefits and appealing appearance make them worth it.
  • Lobster claw closures — these fasteners are known for their suitability and usability for necklaces. With a tiny spring on the top, you will be able to securely close the chain and wear it without worries.
  • Spring ring clasps — in terms of functionality for end users, they are somewhat similar to lobster claws. However, instead of catching a link on the lobster’s hook-shaped claw, customers have to manipulate the top ring to slide the inner mechanism back and forth. Necklaces, where this surface look is rather big, are more convenient to apply, avoiding the effect of finger slipping.
  • Magnetic claps — probably, it is one of the easiest styles to go for. Composed of two pieces with in-built magnets, such constructions aren’t the most widespread solution. Their efficiency depends on the magnet strength and value. Over time, these solutions can lose their power, which negatively influences their security and usability.
  • S-hook closures — one of the simplest layouts, you just need to hook an S-shaped fastener to a ring end of the chain to get it done. Given its plain and basic nature, it won’t become the best partner for luxurious chains.
  • Box jewelry clasps — this style is simple to operate, which makes it a second-to-none option for daily wear. It is a compound construction with two basic elements, where the exterior wedge-like detail comfort opening and closing of the chain on the neck.
  • Decorative clasps — there are fasteners that combine the benefits of traditional clasps with an advanced appearance. Instead of a lobster clasp, manufacturers create a heart-shaped lock in the corresponding area. This is just one of the samples — anchors, eight-shaped eternity symbols, and animal and flower patterns are also widespread.

Jewelry clasps perform a few functions simultaneously. Apart from becoming a secure component that links two ends of the chain, they can help with the following:

  1. Enhance the chosen necklace style — closures can be additionally decorated to comply with the standards of retro and vintage accessories, for example.
  2. Increase the piece’s longevity — the right closure will improve the balance of the necklace and how it withstands its own weight when laying on the user’s chest, extra items like pendants, and other factors of the surroundings. Bold and secure fasteners are outrageous to prevent overpowering the piece.

Selecting the Best Length of Necklace Chains

The range of sizes varies from small and petite to large and statement-like creations. Your decision-making has to be based on the following principles:

  • Who the target recipient is — models sit differently on him and her. Besides, if you are looking for a gift for children, smaller sizes will be more convenient. Stick to the neck size and height of a happy future owner of the present. For taller customers, such sizes as sixteen or eighteen inches might be simply short.
  • What the planned event is — if you are seeking occasion-specific solutions, taking into account their peculiarities and broadening your considerations is crucial. For example, St. Valentine’s Day chains should be chosen keeping warmer and, therefore, more voluminous and multilayer clothing in mind. It will be promising to select an inch longer type.
  • What link design you do prefer — first of all, you have to check what sizes are present for this or that model on the website. Models with thin and delicate links don’t usually come in large lengths. It is impractical and increases the risk of damage in the long run.

Whether it is a simple necklace or a luxury design that is crafted for lockets, enthusiasts can look excellent in chains of multiple lengths:

  • Collar — the smallest style of necklace is gorgeous for open-neck outfits. If you enjoy close-fitting styles, the length of fourteen inches is your lifesaver.
  • Choker — if you need more comfort and feel less pressure on the neck, chokers are your champions. They are two inches bigger than collar-styled chains. You can find marvelous samples of how to combine delicate chokers with male and female fashion.
  • Princess — another increase by two inches results in an excellent and universal design. It fits right on the collarbone in the major part of situations, so it is a brilliant opportunity to reduce the hassle of online shopping.
  • Matinee — the analyzed style is one of the most universal lengths in the industry. It will come in handy for him and for her, fitting below the collarbone. You won’t make a mistake by selecting a twenty-inch length for your needs. Given its uniform nature, the necklace of this type looks gorgeous in photos with different clothing trends.
  • Opera — fluctuating between twenty-eight and thirty-six inches, this style is an elegant contribution to lovers of evening gowns. It is a non-typical size for men, especially taking into account their daily life needs, but you will be able to catch a few models wearing such a necklace for him during fashion weeks. It fits a bit higher than a rope chain, but also within the bust area.
  • Rope — such designs work best with gowns and outfits with high necklines. This will visually make you seem slimmer and taller. The length varies from thirty-six to forty-two inches and higher. As for the fit, such a chain reaches the bust area. You are welcome to wrap this type of product around your neck twice to create another kind of wearing rope necklace.

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How to Wear Beautiful Necklaces

Jewelry has always been a good solution to make a statement with your outfit. It is a crucial element to make the most classic images mesmerizing and personalized. Playing with different styles, enthusiasts break the boundaries of social norms and mix what was considered solely male and female just a few decades ago. Over time, any individual is capable of creating fashion magic almost bear-handed — just with the help of background knowledge and worthy chains to wear for any occasion. Here are the main tips on how to put a stunning chain on neck and be amazed by the achieved result:

  1. There are numerous chains in the market, but not any of them will work perfectly for pendants. If you prefer trendy yet heavy lockets, then you have to consider the appropriate width and durability of a target chain. Besides, they are necklaces that don’t require supplementary beauty intensifiers. For instance, snake chains won’t be the best choice for a hanging element. You have to analyze the pictures attentively and see what links are appropriate and which are not.
  2. Opting for goodies for sale, customers frequently forget to stick to the style of their home collection. That’s what will help them make a real statement with their image. If you are keen on wearing casual yet more sports-vibed clothing, then massive and fashionable won’t come in handy. The same will happen if your home jewellery is lighter and delicate only.
  3. Discover how different statement necklaces can be. The focal point of the outfit is the role that can belong to multiple styles, not only to large sizes of chains. This effect is easy to achieve with the assistance of unique shapes that lie beautifully on the chest.
  4. Before you make a purchase, think a bit about your schedule and what events you are likely to attend in the future. This tactic will surely complement your decision-making and help you define the right fashion approach. There are numerous universal layouts, including wheat and box chains, and you are welcome to accentuate them via auxiliary earrings or rings.

When it comes to searching for matching accessories, people usually focus on soulmate pendants, lockets, and similar designs. In practice, your decision-making shouldn’t depend on this category only:

  • Rings onyx are modern visualizations of top-rated male jewellery. That’s what a lot of buyers are accustomed to — black gems with an extraordinary vibe, which is embodied in a stunning gold or silver frame. They are usually referred to as meaningful talismans to protect from negative emotions and evil as a whole. Depending on what approach a designer sticks to, there are gorgeous and tender options for womens as well.
  • Tassel necklaces are pure freedom and airiness. Made of precious metals, such accessories are modern compliments for casual outfits and unique clothes for both men and women. Taking into account their playful design, it is a great idea to combine a few necklaces of thin widths in the same visual statement.
  • Horse shoe pendants are definitely worthy representatives of this section of jewellery. They can’t help but draw attention to the neckline and symbolize good luck for their owners.

Thanks to an impressive assortment at this online shop, it is not a challenge for customers to start buying exquisite models at affordable prices. Even the most expensive solutions will be accessible — you just need to take a closer look at the store’s special promotions and second-hand necklaces.


Is my necklace going to snag?

Selecting the right model and keeping in mind what clothes you wear have a more practical value than people usually consider. If you desire to avoid the links catching the fabric threads or simply being lost in your clothing, take into account its layout. The chains where unusually geometric patterns and non-rounded angles are preferred increase the risk of snagging into consumers’ clothes.

Can I end up itching after wearing a chain?

To stay on the safe side, it is highly recommended to select hypoallergenic materials. In this case, the purer the alloy, the better. Customers can buy models with high carat weights, including 18 karats and 22 kt gold, as well as 925 sterling silver.

What is the best necklace chain to buy?

If you desire more durable layouts, thick layouts will be of top-notch quality. At the same time, it is a beneficial idea to stick to solid pieces rather than hollow ones. Although the latter tends to be more budget-efficient, the balance between the cost and quality of solid chains can’t help but amaze.

What is the most reliable type of clasps for necklaces?

A lot is defined by users’ comfort and preferences. In general, spring ring and lobster varietals are recommended for an average customer to avoid any difficulties and inconveniences. Along with hook closures, such chains aren’t likely to open on their own and aren’t prone to outer non-intentional damage.

What is the best chain design for layering?

The influx of necklaces made of separate links has largely influenced the way fashionistas would wear them. It is not a problem to get a chain and a scarf or another necklace implemented in the same outfit. If you want to give a try to this option, two small-linked options will suit. Please note one of them should be a choker and the other one closer to princess or matinee lengths. For combining with voluminous items, wide and large-linked chains will work ingeniously.

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Wrap It Out

All in all, the definition of the best necklace is universal and personalized at the same time. There are certain parameters that will suit any customer, while others are gorgeous to select and create this well-known diversity of the jewellery market. With the help of FJewellery experts, interested parties are welcome to discover how outrageous gold and silver types of chains can be. Whatever length you need, a second-to-none look is guaranteed. If you don’t seem to find your soulmate, just contact our representatives for more detail.

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9ct Yellow Gold Cuban 3.5mm
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