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Christmas is a great time to give yourself and your loved one gifts. Have you thought about what you will put in Santa's stocking? What will the gifts for Сhristmas in it be like? If you're still confused, we at FJewellery shop have gathered the best ideas for you to create the most unusual and most welcome gift for you or your loved ones. Take a look at next season's new items or pick up something from the timeless but beautiful classics at an attractive price.

Man's Gifts for ChristmasMan's Gifts for Christmas

Decorations are the perfect choice for Xmas gifts

Why do we think decorations are an awesome gift for merry Christmas? Tracing the trends for several decades in a row, we have come to the conclusion that more and more people are choosing jewellery as a gift for this beautiful, bright holiday. We believe this trend will continue in the future because:

  • It is a great investment. Look at those things that have been preserved and have been a big part of a person's life. We now call them vintage. Chances are, you'll see that these are the things that the person remembers. And jewellery will be one of them. Even if over time the person no longer likes their traditional design or does not want to remember any events associated with the item, it can always be sold or exchanged for a more attractive model. In addition, precious metals always remain precious metals.
  • Any piece of jewellery is always the best and most romantic way to remind yourself after many years. A meaningful chosen ring, earrings, chain, etc. will always find its place in the box of a fashionista and even a person who is not chasing novelties. Every time you put on your gift, the person will remember who gave it. So if you are looking for a gift that will last in the memory, then jewellery will be a great option.
  • Jewellery is less susceptible to fashion trends. Yes, and in this article, you will find a brief overview of the jewellery that will be most popular in 2023. But we recommend choosing more versatile gift options that will delight your loved one for a long time. Models that are too extravagant can end up being pretty quickly. Although the heart on the chain of the Tiffany jewellery house was talked about in the 1990s. But this trend has stayed with us forever. Today, decades later, it is one of the most desirable gifts for lovers.
  • It speaks of status. The giver of jewellery will always look positive. Fine jewellery is quite a luxyry gift. It can be gold, silver, gemstones and a great weight piece. Depending on the combination of these parameters, it can be costly.
  • If you have a bad memory, this is a super way out. Surely you've had moments when you forgot to prepare a gift or remembered to put something in your New Year's Eve boot a few hours before the holiday. Jewellery is always a good and quick way out. There are quite a few groups, such as chains, pendants, belcher bracelets, etc., that you can be buying without being tied to name, age, or taste preferences. They will always find their place in your jewellery box.

Xmas EarringsXmas Earrings

Top 8 fashion ideas from the world's catwalks

We offer you a fairly complete guide to the jewellery seen on the world's runways. They will dictate fashion, including jewellery, both this season and next. If your vis-a-vis is a lover of novelties and closely follow all the trends, then this material will be useful to you.

Let's start with the general trends. The interest in nature and naturalness is traced in all the accessories. On the podium, there were a lot of products made of nacre, bone, shells, and unusually processed stones (gemstone and ornamental). All this beauty was connected by long, rather airy chains. Beads of different sizes and textures (but still very reminiscent of natural materials) were in trend. Also, we could see trends of using the human body as a kind of canvas, on which intricately lay massive bracelets, chains, chokers, as well as thin accessories, structuring the overall picture. Another feature of the collections is that everything has to be large. And if your partner is a minimalist, you can immediately go on a search in the category of vintage jewellery

So, what ideas can you use when choosing jewellery?

  • Wearable jewellery. The novelty of the season. Beautiful chains that girdle the body, as well as peculiar tops and costumes made of chains encrusted with precious stones, look really sexy and exclusive. Another option on this theme could be tiered designs that can be worn on the wrists, ankles and neck. And this trend is seen in both men's and women's collections. It's a very rich and amazing gift. And it's probably the only time the word mini has been used in new collections.
  • Jewellery that you can make with your own hands. Large pusset earrings? A bracelet with charms? All of these will also be popular in the new season. And it can be a real surprise. When creating a piece of jewellery, fill it with bright elements. It can be feathered back in fashion, as well as various minerals in interesting processing. This is a very inexpensive and practical option for an original gift.
  • Floral motifs are back in fashion. Watches, pendants, pendants, bracelets with flowers, leaves, and fruits are all suitable for feeling fashionable. Beautiful and bright ornaments should not be lost on the body. This jewellery is best used as themed jewellery. Elements should be large and bright and be sure to fit perfectly into the overall picture.
  • Jewellery in which the main decoration is the name of the fashion house or the name of the designer will also be popular. These can be chokers, earrings, rings, bracelets, as well as tiered chains.

Christmas PendantsChristmas Pendants

  • Droplet earrings are the undisputed favorite. They must be long. Maximum length. Design can be very different: from long chains falling to the shoulder and below, to neatly hanging hoop earrings with bright decorations in the form of beads, feathers and leaves. Also very popular will be hyper-large earrings of volumetric designs. In this case, they should not be massive, but rather resemble three-dimensional airy structures. To accentuate femininity you can also use three-dimensional mono-earrings.
  • Multi-layered chains remain in trend, but they are joined by wonderful designs made of precious metals (bracelets, chokers). They should be airy and emphasise fragility.
  • The marine theme is once again at the peak of popularity. Jewellery made of precious metals in the form of shells (of course, very large) will attract the attention of dandies and fashionistas. In a duet with them will look good multicoloured beads, collected in one line, as an element of the chain. And, of course, a lot of mother-of-pearl and pearls. Also large.
  • In jewellery with brilliant gemstones, pay special attention to the treatment. Along with the classics, untreated gemstones will be in fashion. They can be part of any piece of jewellery (bracelet, ring, earrings), but must be beaten up.
  • Punk style jewellery should return to your jewellery box to look even more stylish and confident. Metal bracelets, massive earrings and necklaces made of white metal (gold, silver, platinum) look interesting and stylish.
  • Jewellery with pearls is a separate category. This is a very popular material, and, frankly, it suits almost everyone. The colour does not have to be white. You can find something closer to your heart. The earrings should be large. The pearls themselves in jewellery can be successfully combined with chains, leather elements, as well as beads of different compositions. In the catalogs of many stores, there are separate sections for pearl jewellery, so you can quickly find what you need.
  • Hearts. There should also be a lot of them. They can be heart-shaped bags as well as earrings, pendants, and bracelets with trinkets. They do not have to be little. The larger the item, the better.
  • Earrings in the form of large rings are back in fashion. They can be medium or very large, with or without jewellery (gems, notches). They definitely should not be small.

There have been many unique and unforgettable models at fashion shows that make an impression. But you must understand one pattern. The more pompous and flashy they look, the more likely it is that the person to whom you give such jewellery will not wear it as long as you plan. The coolest novelties are well-received by young people, up to about 25 years old or a little older. Starting at a certain age, you want something more classic and appropriate for a certain style. So if you're choosing a gift for someone over 30 or 40 years old, consider their preferences. Christmas jewellery is not a separate category of accessories, as many people think. They do not have to repeat the funny holiday motifs.

Xmas RingsXmas Rings

Which precious material to choose from gold or silver

At the fashion shows, you could see quite a lot of creative jewellery that was made of the white and yellow metal. In equal measure. You are free to choose a piece in the material that best suits the gift. How to choose the perfect one? There are a few suggestions that we suggest you use during the selection process:

  • Think back to what accessories the person you want to give the jewellery to wears. If you see him most often in accessories in warm colours (yellow or rose gold, warm shades of leather, metallic jewellery and accessories in warm, yellowish-red hues), warm hues will likely suit your counterpart as well. This would be jewellery in classic yellow or rose hues. Note that yellow also comes in a variety of colours. The hue depends on what metals are used as a ligature in the alloy. A warm yellow with red gives copper, and a more yellow (lemon) gives silver or nickel. If you most often see your loved one wearing silver-coloured jewellery, silver and platinum accessories are likely the best gifts.
  • Think and remember, perhaps your loved one has told you that he or she would like to have this or that accessory. This will make your search much easier. All that remains is to find something similar and buy a luxury item.
  • Both of these materials are equally interesting. As a rule, over time, a whole collection of such jewellery is assembled from the materials you like best. This is another alternative tip on how to choose the ideal ornament for your loved one.

Personalized jewelry for Christmas

At FJewellery, we believe that personalised sentimental gifts can be the best presents for Christmas. What are we talking about? It's not just a simple piece of jewellery from a new collection, with trendy elements or modern materials. It's your story. Something that may be dear to your loved one as a keepsake. Here are a few examples to make it clear what we are talking about:

  • A nice and easy gift for a teenager can be the first neck chain or bracelet from his parents. This costume jewelry will always remind him of his childhood. And quite often it is this kind of jewellery that will be a good option for 20-year-olds. Of all the chains on the market today, you can choose options with fashionable types of weaving, as well as with a beautiful diamond-cut pattern or jewellery, fully or partially encrusted with precious stones.
  • A cross, a pendant with a saint or a pendant with initials on a strong chain of any type of weave can be a nice gift for childrens. Such kits are very popular and easy to pick up. It should not be something openwork that can quickly break and get lost. Choose reliable, time-tested models from pictures or ask the concierge for help. Babies will have lovely cute earrings in the shape of a flower or leaves, bunnies or hearts with a comfortable and sturdy clasp.
  • Mothers, sisters, and grandmothers will love to get classy pendants with initials or wish tags that they can carry with them all the time. They look cute and are reasonably priced. You can also always check out the earrings section. These are a win-win gift option for almost any woman.
  • Dads, grandfathers, brothers and cousins - we're sure they'll be glad for a ring with an initial and a tag with a kind or humorous inscription. They don't talk much about their preferences, and most think they can be categorised as those that have everything. They should be given something original, which will touch the delicate strings of their soul. For example, it can be an antique clock with engraving.
  • Think back to the cute moments you spent together with your loved ones and dear ones. You will surely be able to remember an occasion that will have a special meaning for you. On such an occasion, you can give a trendy heart pendant, zodiac sign pendants or other jewellery, a ring symbolising your relationship, or a pendant.

Such gifts run the risk of becoming family heirlooms. It is these personalised items that then end up in boxes of jewellery left over from grandparents. Just get into the spirit of this wonderful evening and choose an original gift that your loved one will remember.

Gifts for ChristmasGifts for Christmas

The holidays are always discounts

You probably already know that the best place to shop for many items is on websites. Jewellery is no exception. Here you can find everything at a very affordable price. The advantages of such shopping are obvious:

  • You can browse a huge number of sets online in a short period. Try going through all the jewellery stores in at least one major city... It's hard. Although no. Probably not doable, either. So if you're still wondering, "What l can think of as a gifts for Christmas”, just go to the catalogue and choose the best option.
  • A thoughtful concierge will help you understand all the intricacies, as well as recommend the best-selling items or pick up something exclusive.
  • Before the holidays, there are always sections with specials. This is a great option if you want to find something cheap and not spend your entire fortune on a gift. Although, if you want, these stores always have sections with expensive jewellery, but with decent discounts. The sections with vintage jewellery deserve special attention. They are 30-60% cheaper than similar items from the new collection. You can find some pretty interesting deals there.
  • Even if you order almost at the last minute, you always have a chance to get your order rather quickly. Just read the delivery terms carefully and discuss the matter with the concierge.

Online store FJewellery offers a huge catalogue where you can find and buy Christmas gift for her and him. All items on sale have detailed descriptions and images. Therefore, you can carefully consider each item and choose the best option. It doesn't matter if you're choosing a gift for mens or women; you're 19, 21, 45 or older. On this website, you can choose something that will fit perfectly into the holiday atmosphere and help make Christmas magical. And we will be happy to help. Happy shopping and Merry Christmas!

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