Hollow Crosses

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A vast number of accessories are lavish, embellished, and ornate. However are there any alternatives that will be still eye-catching but not that rich in details and decorations? For those customers who would like to show off their faith at the same time, a hollow cross is a perfect consideration in this case. Simple and smooth lines which are styled in the best traditions of minimalism differentiate with their compatibility with divergent lifestyles and occasion.

Jewellery Cross Hollow

How to Choose Hollow Pendants

The choice of hollow charms is as simple as ABC. Their construction is a cross with non-equidistant arms. So if the desire to keep it plain is strong, the same should be relative to the matching chain. Don’t forget the latter has to be a minimum of two times bigger to eliminate the risk of the necklace breaking or damaging after long-term wearing.

The main worry is the material choice. Such crosses are manufactured out of gold, silver, and platinum in different alloys. If you are looking for jewellery that will have a certain value in the market even over time, then gold and platinum are your absolute champions. At the same time, sterling silver accessories are qualitative, durable, and don’t cost you a fortune to spend.

Rose gold differentiates with its matching abilities to complement any person and his/her facial traits. Pay attention to the person’s type of skin as well. Traditionally, gold metals are picked up for people with warmer colours, and the same matching analogue is valid for consumers with cooler skin tones.

Decision-making depends on which type of metals is preferable by the target recipient. They aren’t necessary to wear a lot of accessories, but the choice of their clothes and auxiliary attributes will help you make the right shot.

Level Up Your Creativity

Preferring minimalist layouts doesn’t mean being boring. Since the majority of hollow crosses are available at a cheap price and aren’t as expensive as their alternatives with gemstones, for instance, that spares enough resources to make your purchase more complete and beneficial. This will be possible if you create an ensemble of the favourite items on your own. Just consider a few ideas:

  • Such necklaces will suit rings for her and will help you prepare a gorgeous yet simple gift for any occasion, including your couple’s anniversaries or mother’s birthday. On the website, you will also find corresponding instructions on how to pick up the right ring size, so it won’t be a problem to order it on your own and make a surprise for beloved people who live a little far from you to simply reach out to.
  • If you believe that earrings are designed for women only, it is high time to get acquainted with the trendy combinations of today. Of course, layouts like earrings hoop versions will suit females more, but there are numerous samples among celebrities who prove how gorgeous crosses and delicate earrings look.
  • The assortment of supportive jewellery at our online store allows picking up great accessories for men too. For instance, hollow crosses will turn out into highly complementary tools for chains Figaro items. Bracelets for men aren’t necessarily to be made of precious metals (leather and clasps made of solid materials will work too).

Cross Hollow

At the FJewellery online store, dozens of models are looking forward to conquering your heart with their immersive beauty and style. You don’t have to seek the label “for sale” 24/7 to find a hollow cross pendant with a deep meaning, and this place gives a nice opportunity to bust this stereotypic myth that cheap but precious jewelry doesn’t exist at all. Decent pictures will guide you through our virtual catalogue — enjoy this digital journey to the full extent.